Visible You, a must read by Miami-based mother-daughter duo

Visible You, a must read by Miami-based mother-daughter duo
Anne-Louise ‘Missy’ Carricarte, and Sophia Kardonski.

Turnout for the mother-daughter duo that wrote Visible You exceeded expectations. On October 20, Books & Books Coral Gables hosted more than 200 people who were there to see Anne-Louise ‘Missy’ Carricarte, and Sophia Kardonski introduce their latest book about reclaiming your voice in a society that can easily drown you in excessive ‘noise’.

At a time when children are pressured to perform, young-adults feel a need to be ‘perfect’, and adults just want to survive, this book serves as license to reclaim your autonomy and live a meaningful life where you are calling shots that align with the imprint you want to leave behind.

Together, the authors addressed the audience describing Visible You as a ‘tool-kit’ usable by people of all ages to support living a lifestyle that is the truest reflection of themselves.

The room was filled with those eager to ask questions that ranged from how to guide someone through the social dynamics of high school, to the definition of authenticity, and what it means to have ‘non-negotiable’ guidelines that help steer the direction of your life.

Both authors made it clear that they were encouraging their readers to stop compromising what they value most.

Anne Louise and Sophia answered from their unique generational perspective, offering insight, encouragement, and humor along the way. Their ‘non-preachy’, individualistic approach to a topic that can easily slip into the realm of condescension and mindless step following was refreshing, and the captivated engagement of the crowd was easily attributed to the authors’ palpable authenticity.

As a colorful and clearly laid out interactive work-storybook hybrid, Visible You is an inviting read that speaks to the inner child in all of us. The website ( describes the book as:

“… The first of its kind, encouraging you to unpack what it means to use your feelings as your personal “GPS” and truly lean into embracing your unique light and power. Using results-driven techniques, this book is a practical guide for those who wish to live their lives consciously and passionately. Humans of all ages are invited to go on a guided journey where you will be encouraged to reflect on your entire being and put forth the effort to know the real fulfillment of your heart’s desires.”

Having multi-decade experience, Anne Louise draws from her previous best-selling work, Power Wishing, to shape the lessons you find in the book that have also been translated into teachable content for the inner-city and Miami Dade public school systems.

Overall, the night was a huge success and you are invited to visit in order purchase a copy of the book for yourself.

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