Vote YES on the Water Referendum


To the Residents of the Village of Pinecrest:
I read the Water Referendum positions by Cherri Ball, Bob Ross and James McDonald.

I was very disappointed in Mr. Ross’ and Mr. McDonald’s position to vote against the water referendum.

With respect to Mr. Ross saying that by giving those of us in Pinecrest water who do not currently have water the VOP is giving the water lines to the county is absurd. We need the water and the county is not going to pay for it. I assume Mr. Ross has water which is good for him and not good for those of us that do not. I am very surprised that he would take that position.

However, even worse was Mr. McDonald who currently serves as a VOP councilmember.

He stated “The inescapable fact is Pinecrest was not incorporated to provide potable water to its residents!” Mr. McDonald, Pinecrest incorporated to benefit all the residents of Pinecrest and getting us water is one of those benefits along with having police protection and other services. To say that getting us water was not one of the goals of Pinecrest is close minded. You have a duty as a commissioner to ensure that all the residents of the VOP have a better life and your stance against the water is directly contrary to that.

You also state the unfairness of taxing the entire Village to pay for county water lines. That is not unfair for those of us who do not have water. Residents pay for a lot of services that most of us do not use. For example, I was on the committee for the Community Center when we expanded the gym and services to the elderly. Does that mean that those who don not use the Community Center should not share in the cost? Maybe those that do not use the Community Center should get a $100 tax credit each year.

For some reason both Mr. McDonald and Mr. Ross do not understand the burden of not having county water. Twenty years ago I discussed the same issue with then mayor Gary Matzner. With all due respect to Gary, he failed well to understand the issue. Had he done what I suggested, most of the bond would have been paid off by now.

If Mr. McDonald believes that is the County’s responsibility to bring us water, then the VOP should sue the county on behalf of Pinecrest to bring the water in. We know that will not be done. So I urge all VOP residents to vote YES on the referendum.

Very truly yours,
Eric P. Littman

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  1. NO No No ………$15,000,000 in ad velorem bonds to pay for water line extensions to give 739 residential property owners ?. If approved, the Village will levy a property tax increase of .23 mills for Pinecrest property owners.

  2. Not all those people even want to give up their wells. No one is addressing that fact.. when lines were last extended in 2008 or so, approximately 700 were given access to water. We are well aware some 580 wanted and got a 10 year monitor before needing to hook up. I was there last week when the county held a meeting at Greer Park to inform them it was the end of the moritorium and they must hook. Only one person out of 100 or more wanted the county water. The others want to apply to defer hooking up another 20 years or get an outright variance and never hook up. I would think the same percentage exists now who don’t want to give up well water. Now we are talking about all residents paying to force 100’s of people off their well water. Does this make any sense? Vote against the bonds please.

  3. I attended an informational meeting yesterday, one thing really stood out. We would be paying for the line, gifting it to the county and the county gives us nothing in return. For me to vote yes I need to see the county show some appreciation to the VOP residents for the “gift” in the form of a tax brake and a moratorium on the hook up. The moratorium will cost the county $0 and the tax break can be negotiated. I can see voting yes as a way of being proactive for a future salt water intrusion issue and to benefit those who want county water, but we need to let the county know we are also county tax paying residents and they must bear some of the burden. We need to be careful with the precedent we would set with the county. Are we going to tax ourselves for underground electricity, sewage/replacement of septic systems and many other issues that the county/state should be addressing?

  4. Mr. Littman’s home is worth well over $2 million according to Zillow, yet he paid only $375,000 for it. Mr. Littman says Mr. McDonald, Ross and Matzner didn’t understand the burden of not having county water. Rather than blaming their opposition to the water referendum on ignorance, perhaps Mr. Littman should take a look in the mirror. What does he not understand about taxing the entire Village for something that only 1 out of 8 families can use. While I don’t use the Community Center, I am allowed to use it. Will Mr. Littman allow me to use his pool and bathrooms if I pay to provide County water access for him? I don’t think so. There is nothing to prevent Mr. Littman and those currently without County water access from voting for their own special taxing district. Yes, the cost would be split among 13% of the property owners in Pinecrest instead of 100% of the property owners, but if the benefit that he and all the others in that district would receive is worth having, they should be willing to pay for it. I will vote “NO” to taxing myself and everyone in Pinecrest so that Mr. Littman and his neighbors can get more than they bargained for when they bought their homes.


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