We Salute Our Cherished Sponsors at Pinecrest Gardens

We Salute Our Cherished Sponsors at Pinecrest Gardens

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We are overwhelmingly grateful to all of our corporate sponsors for their continued support.

It is no secret that cultural arts can be costly, and there are very few cultural venues and ventures that exist on ticket sales alone. So why do sponsors step up and help the arts thrive? BECAUSE ART MATTERS! Cultural arts help economies thrive, help individuals connect with each other and across cultures, and educate and enrich societies. At the Gardens, we are all about art and culture, whether it be a concert, a theatrical performance or the preservation of our cypress slough (yes, we consider our botanical stage to be art as well). We present over 70 performances, festivals and programs each year, we tend to over 1000 species of plants both native and exotic, and exhibit the work of a multitude of artists each year that provide inspirational and educational sustenance, anchor our community, help to create jobs and complement school curricula. We believe the neighborhood stage can be just as important as a world class museum or performing arts center in its value to the community, in the lives of its residents, and in the education of its young people. On a global scale, the arts speak to us in a universal language that provides pathways to greater cultural understanding.

When our sponsors support The Gardens, they make an investment in our community. It’s an investment in our children to ensure that they have viable and vibrant arts education programs in a safe and pristine botanical environment; it’s an investment in the economy of our community that attract visitors who spend their dollars at our local restaurants and shops when they visit the Gardens to walk our botanical paths or see a show; it’s an investment in our area’s young children or teens to encourage creative thinking through visits to our sensory garden, seeing or performing in a local production or participating in a visiting artist workshop; and further, it’s an investment in a rich and varied quality of life.
Because ticket sales and admissions cover only a small percentage of our annual expenses, our sponsors, grant providers and funders’ contributions help the Village to cover the costs that ticket sales and venue rentals cannot.

We rely on various sources of support to offer high quality programming year after year, bring new experiences to our audiences, create quality arts education programs, and help to seed The Gardens as a venue for many free community events and programs that benefit both our local residents, as well as underserved populations in the greater community of South Florida.

With that in mind we graciously tip our hat to the generous corporate sponsors who have recognized the cultural value that the Gardens brings to the community we serve. God bless you all!

Steinway Piano Gallery sponsors the Gardens with a 7’ Steinway Grand Piano and a Boston Upright Piano. This season marks the start of the 7th year as a valued partner who has provided us with two magnificent instruments to make the patron and performing artist experience so much better.

South Motors, a true guardian angel, has been the title sponsor of the South Motors Jazz Series and South Motors Gen-Next Jam for five successive years allowing us to present world-class jazz artists on the Banyan Bowl Stage to sold-out audiences. Additionally, and also for six seasons South Motors has sponsored our Fine Arts Festival. Now entering our 7th year with South Motors at our side, we can only ask our patrons and visitors to recognize the fact that without South Motors, our growth and quality of program would never have reached the professional level of achievement elevating our jazz series to one of the best in South Florida. If you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle in the near future, please consider visiting one of South Motor’s show rooms that include BMW, Mini, Honda, VW, and Infinity.

We are so very grateful to FirstBank Florida and the support they provided for Flamenco performances on the Banyan Bowl Stage. Additionally, they provide to our visitors the convenience of an ATM that can be found at the entrance of the park and the sponsorship of our On-Cell tour.

City National joined our family last year allowing us to bring an extraordinary sidewalk-painting duo to our Fine Arts Festival. We are looking forward to a continued partnership with this newest member of our sponsor family.

Last year Baptist Health Primary Care became a member of our family sponsoring our beloved Farmers Market reminding us every day that good food means good health. We look forward to their continued support this coming year for years to come.

For two years Peterson’s Harley-Davidson has sponsored our fun and fabulous Chili Cook off and joining Peterson’s involvement in this event is the Nick Waddell Insurance Agency, Inc. offering up the prize money for our Fire House Challenge.

Miami Dadeland Hotel and the Aloft Hotel both provide rooms for our jazz artists throughout the season along with artists and tourists attending our Fine Arts Festival, and YGrene and The Corradino Group have been steadfast in sponsoring educational and conservation initiatives.

To all of our corporate sponsors we give heartfelt thanks. It is because of their vision that we have made great strides as South Florida’s Cultural Arts Park and we are forever grateful for their loyalty, generosity and commitment.

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