‘Time for Etiquette’ at Village Community Center

By Lee Stephens….
Andrea Valfre is a nationally recognized Etiquette Consultant with a vast and diverse clientele serving the South Florida area.

The Pinecrest Community Center is offering Time For Etiquette!, a program designed by Valfre that brings an innovative and fun-loving approach to the teaching of manners, poise and interpersonal skills. Social courtesies for today’s multilingual and multicultural world form the basis of her workshops.

Children, teens and young adults benefit by learning to navigate through social expectations such as dining, public speaking, events and every day do’s and don’ts of proper protocol in public and private settings. The workshops are designed to fill a special niche, encouraging participants from diverse backgrounds to develop a connection across cultures, honor each other’s differences and learn how to treat and be treated with respect.

What makes Time for Etiquette! so unique? For one, improvisation and role playing techniques are implemented into an entertaining and dynamic environment. Affordability is key as many can attest to. Additionally, flexibility is a real plus. Workshops are conveniently offered every month so participants can partake according to their busy schedules.

“My students are always surprised that learning etiquette can be so much fun,” says Valfre. “They anticipate a stuffy, frou-frou, pinky-in-the-air type of teacher and approach, but after the first couple of minutes they are motivated, relaxed and very entertained.

The results are immediate and participants achieve the competitive edge needed to succeed in and out of the school and college environment. For young adults, the need for etiquette becomes immediate because they are provided the sophistication and knowledge with which to achieve their personal goals and career objectives.”

Time for Etiquette! offers group and individual classes. For more information, go to <www.pinecrestcommunitycenter.com> or call 305-284-0900. Andrea Valfre may be contacted at 305-510-7949.

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