Adopt a great pet at ‘Gardens’ Pet Fair on May 21

By Carol Caridad….
You know those articles written about the puppies left behind by their mother? Or the cute, little lap dog that is found wandering around and needs a home? Well, sadly this is not one of those cases.

This article is about the forgotten dogs, the dogs that sit at shelters longer than they should. The dogs that have spent their playful years with owners who gave them a loving home and then one day moved out and left them locked up in an empty house without food or water. Or the dog who got sick, maybe broke a limb and the owner threw them in a car drove them to a remote area and tossed him out. Maybe one who strayed too far from home to find its way back and became undernourished trying to find food, still hoping his family would find him. Tired, sick, broken, these animals are either picked up by the county and euthanized due to over population or, if they’re lucky, rescued by a local pet organization and given the treatment necessary to regain their health.

Either way, some of these live in a shelter environment for months and even years. All dogs have the potential of being adopted, most have been house broken and loved at some point and understand what it means to have a family to call his own. The rescue groups care for their ailments so they are physically ready to return to a loving home. But what home? How long do they have to wait?

A pat on the head yields a face full of kisses, a toss of a stick or ball and their tails wag their entire bodies. These dogs are eager to please and desperately want to be a part of a family again. Their faces say, “Take me home and I will give you unconditional love for the rest of my life.” Their eyes plead, “Rescue me and you won’t be sorry. I have been a good pet, give me that chance again.” These dogs are not bad or vicious. They are victims of circumstance: The poor economy, the bad divorce, the careless open gate. Each one waits with hope in their heart that soon he will be taken home and loved.

Won’t you give one of these dogs a second chance? Visit with Paws4You Rescue, Born Free Pet Shelter, The Cat Network, Basset Rescue of Florida and Hollydogs Greyhound Adoption at the PAWareness Pet Fair on May 21 at Pinecrest Gardens from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. to meet great animals that have been waiting all this time to meet you.

For information, call 786-242-7377 or go to

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