Avoid overpricing your home even in a seller’s market

Selling a home now is a better option than it has been in recent years. Florida has finally started to recover from the housing market crash and many industry experts agree that a real estate seller’s market exists. With prices on properties rising, most foreclosure properties sold, a lower inventory level than the last several years and plenty of motivated buyers shopping for homes, there has never been a better time to sell.

But while it’s a seller’s market, that doesn’t mean that you can price your home at whatever you like and get a buyer quickly. There’s still a risk of overpricing your home, and avoiding doing so is a must.

Overpricing could lead to plenty of problems. Primarily, it can scare off potential buyers before they even think about looking at your home. A lot of buyers start with online research and if your home falls outside of their price range, they won’t bother taking a closer look. This is terrible news, especially for those homeowners who want to price high in order to give themselves room to negotiate.

So how do you avoid overpricing? The key is in knowing what your home is worth, what it can sell for and what you want to get for it. Florida was hit hard in the housing crash and as a result property values are now starting to climb back towards their former glory. To know for sure what your home is worth, hiring an appraiser is the easiest option. However, this isn’t always something homeowners are willing to do.

You can talk to your real estate agent. They have much more experience in the field and know exactly what homes like yours are selling for at any moment. As a result, they can help give you some guidance toward setting a price that isn’t too high, but that still makes listing and selling your home worth it to you.

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