Cash in at Countrywide Gold Buyers

People resell, recycle and refer friends to Countrywide Gold Buyers.

With the price of gold and other precious metals soaring, it is a very good time to take your broken and outdated jewelry, class rings and coins to one of the five Countrywide Gold Buyers locations in Miami-Dade County. Since 2008, Countrywide has been paying top dollar for unwanted gold items, and now the company also buys Rolex watches and diamonds bigger than a half-carat.

Countrywide is owned by Edwin Carrion and Luis Junco, who have built a reputation for doing business honestly and ethically. The pair opened their first location after serving together as sergeants in the U.S. Marine Corps, and began buying and selling gold from overseas. The company has become one of the most trusted gold buyers and fastest growing gold franchises in the nation. There are now 15 locations in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and the company is still growing, creating opportunities for investors looking to get into the market.

“Whether you’re a customer or a business owner with us, it’s important for people to conduct business with an established and reputable company,” said Carrion. “We’ve taken all the good values and morals that we learned from our military experience and our families, and applied that to our business.”

When customers bring unwanted jewelry to Countrywide Gold Buyers, the items are tested for karat weight and weighed in front of the customer to determine the value based on current precious metal pricing. If a jewelry piece has stones, the stones are removed and given back to the customer. Customers are then paid top dollar on the spot, not mailed a check. The average paid per client totals $800, according to Carrion. “In today’s economy, gold is one of the few items that you can sell and, in many cases, make more money than what you actually paid for the item,” Carrion said.

The precious metals bought by Countrywide Gold Buyers are then sent to a refinery to be melted, and the metal is often used to make new jewelry.

“This recycling process is a win, win, win for the customer, our company and the environment,” Carrion said.

The Countrywide Gold Buyers referral system allows customers to keep making money even after their own gold-buying transaction is completed. Customers who refer friends to any Countrywide location in the country receive two percent of each friend’s total transaction.

Another way to expand earnings is to host gold party at home or at a Countrywide location. At a gold party, the host earns 10 percent of the total amount purchased. “There are many ways for our customers to continue making money,” said Carrion.

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