Chary Rico-Toro gallery exhibit in Grove set for Oct. 2

Chary Rico-Toro gallery exhibit in Grove set for Oct. 2

Chary Rico-Toro

A gallery exhibition featuring the work of artist/philanthropist Rosario “Chary” Rico- Toro is slated for Oct. 2 in the Coconut Grove Gallery and Interiors.

A runner up to Miss Universe in 1990, the Bolivian born Rico-Toro hopes to inspire an appreciation of her painting with the “Colors of Inti” exhibit and, at the same time, bring awareness about the underprivileged youth of Bolivia. Rico-Toro founded the INTI Foundation in 2010 to address the needs of Bolivian children and bring them a better way of life. The word “inti” is native Quechua for the word “sun”. The INTI Foundation has had success in providing safe housing development for orphans, health and human service resources and overall community stabilization in specific parts of the country.

Rico-Toro uses her art to promote the INTI Foundation message “Different Children, Different Needs,” and to raise money for programs and projects in her homeland.

Through the sale of her paintings and donations she has raised about $75,000 to support Foundation initiatives.

“My artistic muse was inspired from an early age,” says Rico-Toro. “Much of my youth was spent in the Catholic Church and I was intrigued by the bold colors and geometric patterns of the beautiful stained glass windows in the cathedrals. These memories are translated on my canvas today as an expression of hope for Bolivian youth.”

A cocktail reception and meet-the-artist event is set for Thursday, Oct. 2, from 6- 8:30 p.m. at Coconut Grove Gallery and Interiors, 2884 Bird Ave. Tickets are $25. For more information and to buy tickets, call 786-615-9567.

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