‘clubX’ offers creative twist to getting in shape

‘clubX’ offers creative twist to getting in shape

‘clubX’ staff members Liza Muravyeva, Giovanni Joseph, Cary Sochin, James Tynan, Janice Muller and Irving David.

Former tennis pro Cary Sochin has always been drawn to physical excellence, so when his career came to a close in 1992, he made a near seamless transition into the fitness industry. He found that it fit his drive, personality and athleticism almost perfectly.

Today, Sochin is finally combining his passion for corporeal accomplishment with his expertise and years of keen on-site observation, and is opening his own gym — clubX.

“While clubX is my first solo venture, I have more than 20 years of fitness industry experience, including joint partnerships like Club BodyTech in Miami Beach and Metamorphecise in Pembroke Pines,” he says. “To me, fitness is a never-ending process and one by which you are continually strengthening and conditioning the body to achieve your personal best.”

Sochin intends to make clubX, 1236 S. Dixie Hwy. in Coral Gables, a one-stop vitalization station. Aside from being a full service center that includes diverse weight and cardio options, clubX is taking a step further in assuring that when you join their club, it is for the remodeling of your entire lifestyle

“For the most impactful results, we recommend a rigorous training regimen in tandem with a fresh, all-natural, made to-order meal plan that offers a balance of protein and carbohydrates to refuel muscles,” he says. “Our on-staff registered dietitian and nutritionist will customize meals based on the dietary needs of our members, alongside their personal fitness coaches, to ensure a 360-degree approach to achieving personal fitness goals.”

Sochin wants clubX to be an essential part of members’ lives by fulfilling several key elements that contribute to a person’s overall wellbeing. Drawing insightfully from the time-tested truism, “healthy body, healthy mind,” clubX aspires to affect members beyond its doors by encouraging them to participate in social events, community- building initiatives and philanthropic, cause-related fitness challenges.

“It is an outside the-box, distinct enterprise, both operationally and functionally, and I am not afraid to push the envelope,” he says. “My integrated approach to fitness is unique, innovative and creative and it will be the point of difference that marks our continued success.”

Any worries existing about overcrowding or lack of attention from clubX’s highly trained and motivated staff can be dismissed. Although he entertains the idea of expanding his enterprise in the future, his focus remains on the current location, which will enforce a cap of 750 members.

“This will ensure that we maintain the intimate community feel that exists today while continuing to deliver exceptional service to our members,” he says.

Surveying the vast landscape of fitness clubs in South Florida can be quite a daunting task when looking for a gym to join, but Cary Sochin wants to make the choice an easy one for you. In fact, he is so sure that the club will sell itself he is practically giving away services.

“Prospective members are offered up to a one-month trial ‘clubXperience’ which includes unlimited personal fitness coaching to facilitate their decision-making process,” he says.

For more information, go to www.clubxmiami.com, call 305-667- 3539 or email info@clubxmiami.com

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