CNS Group’s Pinecrest Location a Headquarters for All-Inclusive Neurological Care

Combining experts from the uniquely specialized fields of neurosurgery, pain management, physiatry and physical therapy, the Consultants in Neurological Surgery (CNS) Group have brought their comprehensive approach to every aspect of treatment to a new headquarters located conveniently just off the Palmetto Expressway in the heart of Pinecrest. One of the few alliance of practitioners in Dade County currently operating under this all-encompassing model, the group provides an unmatched brand of personalized, highly attentive care only made possible by the direct cooperation of its members.

“I think the uniqueness of our group is that you have neurosurgeons that are working hand and glove with the physiatrists and physical therapists in close quarters, altogether, providing the care,” says Dr. Joseph A. Traina, MD. “It is well-coordinated, where if I’m seeing a patient I can just walk right over and see what’s going on with them and their nonsurgical treatment.”

Although there is always at least one of CNS’seven neurosurgeons on-site at any given time to provide consultation and expertise, the location is solely used for evaluative and therapeutic purposes, with one side of the facility dedicated to physical therapy and the other reserved for private examination and evaluation. Patients arriving will no doubt take note of the center’s ample parking, spacious lobby area and open layout. Warm, natural light – ideal for therapeutic purposes – is used to great effect throughout the building.

“We have more of a conservative approach to treating our patients,” says CNS chief operating officer Loida Garcia. “We obviously try a nonsurgical approach first, and our neurosurgeons – as well as our pain management, physical medicine and rehab doctors – are involved from the initial evaluation all the way through to the physical therapy side of things to give the best treatment in every area of care.”

In the physical therapy wing, patients will find top-of-the-line equipment such as balance apparatuses, parallel bars, various weights and therapeuticspecific exercise machines, such as the Keiser Functional Trainer, a multi-functional machine designed for a complete body workout with hundreds of different possible applications provided by its adjustable arms. Utilizing compressed air as opposed to weights for resistance, the machine is ideal for rehab and prehab use due to its almost nonexistent impact.

For noninvasive pain management, the CNS Group uses ultrasound/electric stimulation combination units, which have been proven to both ease pain and assist healing; and a Triton DTS Traction System, a cervical and lumbar decompression and mobilization table which effectively unloads the spine, decreases bulging and protruded discs, eases pain and pressure, stretches ligaments and tendons, and increases range of motion and mobility.

Fully programmable with variable speed control for ultimate patient comfort, the machine also serves as a learning tool, boasting a full-color clinical graphic library that includes anatomical images, common pathologies and a detailed belting technique tutorial.

To ensure privacy, comfort and cleanliness, patients are provided with private examination rooms and a restroom fit with a shower for post-therapy use.

“We’re using physical therapy, hopefully, as a way to prevent a patient from needing surgery,” says Dr. Ellis Okyle, DPT. “That’s something that makes our surgeons stand out; they don’t want to operate on every patient that comes in and are actively invested in the patients’ best interests. Even if physical therapy doesn’t completely work and you become a surgical patient, if you work on your functional deficits prior to going into surgery, you’ll have a better outcome afterwards. Hopefully you can prevent surgery, but even if not, it’s not a waste of time and it actually will make you better in the long run.”

The CNS Group is located at 10101 S. Dixie Hwy. For more information, call 305-370-3439 or visit

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  1. Dr. Traina and Dr. Ibars are fantastic. They fixed my mother’s back when she fell and fractured her spine. They saved her life!

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