College: Overwhelming but rewarding

College: Overwhelming but rewardingPreparing for college can be overwhelming for students especially without the proper guidance. It is important to engage with your child and prepare them for their future. College can be thrilling and nerve wracking all at once for all parties involved.

There are several steps you can take to ensure your child the best chance at applying for college. The number one rule to follow is to always be supportive of your child’s dream. There are thousands of choices to make when applying to different Universities. It is vital to be present throughout the entire application process to make sure your child makes the most out of this opportunity.

In order to become organized the first step to take is to create a time schedule. Pick certain campuses to visit with your child to guide them towards the right path.

The second step to take would be providing your child a financial outline of what can be afforded. College tuition can range anywhere between six to sixty-grand. By doing so, you’ll allow your child to set expectations that fit within your budget. It will give them the opportunity to take initiative as well as commit to a certain financial frame.

The third step is help focus on grades. It is crucial for your child to set a good foundation their freshman year. Habits are formed early, if you are on top of their grades and reward them for good grades you are teaching them that hard work pays off.

The fourth step to prepare your child is guide them through the actual application process. There are many Universities that require parent information to be filled out. It’s important to be present and guide them through each question in regard to ethnicity, income, and family history.

The very last step to take requires planning. It is the planning for the college essay. Come up with several reasons why you believe your child deserves to attend college. Once you have an idea go ahead and share it with your daughter/son. Motivate them to speak highly about themselves to these institutions. This is the essay that proves to universities as to why your child should be picked before others. Grab a list of all their accomplishments and organizations joined. Once you have the planning set, go ahead and help them type it up.

College can be overwhelming but it is the most rewarding feeling for a parent to have their child’s hard work paid off.

Natalie Noisom is a Junior at the University of Miami majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Sports Administration.

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