Doctors perform revolutionary joint replacement surgery at Miami Surgical Suites

Doctors perform revolutionary joint replacement surgery at Miami Surgical Suites.

Michele D’Apuzzo, M.D.

Michele D’Apuzzo, M.D.

Gone are the days of considering knee or hip replacement a dreaded recommendation, say orthopedic surgeons Michele D’Apuzzo, M.D., and Luiz Ramirez, M.D.  The highly trained and experienced physicians have revolutionized knee and hip replacement surgery, making it a viable option for any patient struggling with pain in these crucial joints. They perform the procedures at Miami Surgical Suites, a Florida state licensed outpatient surgical facility located in Sunset Medical Plaza.

In the hands of surgeons with decades of experience who utilize advanced procedures and technology, knee and hip replacement surgery is now minimally invasive, more efficient than ever before and, best of all, requires no overnight stay.

“Most patients are walking within two hours after surgery,” Dr. Ramirez said.

Indicative of medicine’s finest advances in the modern age, the effective and efficient outpatient joint replacement procedure focuses on pre-surgery optimization and an enhanced recovery program, including a multimodal pain management program for any discomfort before or after the procedure. Given its efficiency and reduced hospital stay, this procedure costs significantly less than traditional knee and hip replacement surgeries. 

“What we’re seeing is that patients who are able to immediately return to and recuperate in the comfort of their own home tend to recover faster after surgery,” Dr. D’Apuzzo said. “They experience minimal disorientation, pain and have less complications.”

Luiz Ramirez, M.D.

Luiz Ramirez, M.D.

The knee and hip replacement strategy implemented by the team at Miami Surgical Suites is unique and revolutionary, the doctors say. Despite its singularity, Drs. D’Apuzzo and Ramirez can fine-tune the patient selection strategy so most patients who elect the procedure can qualify. The doctors acknowledge that no two bodies are the same, which forms the basis of their individualized patient treatment plans. Even diabetic patients can qualify for the procedure simply by following a personalized pre-surgery preparation plan.

The bottom line: There is no reason for people who have knee and hip pain and have exhausted all other options to keep suffering, say the surgeons. This procedure can drastically improve quality of life.

Drs. D’Apuzzo and Ramirez perform total joint replacement surgeries at Miami Surgical Suites, which spans nearly 7,500 square feet and is designed to give patients, family and friends a relaxing experience before, during and after the procedure. The facility also provides a high ratio of medical staff to patients in order to provide the highest quality of care and exceptional experience.

Miami Surgical Suites is located in Sunset Medical Plaza at 9035 Sunset Dr., Suite 200. The spacious, well-appointed and well-managed Sunset Medical Plaza is conveniently located near several medical facilities and has abundant parking for patients and families.

For more information, visit or call 786-615-6210.

For more information on the move-in ready medical and commercial office suites in Sunset Medical Plaza, contact Wayne E. Stringer, your medical real estate expert, at Stringer Realty Services Inc., 305-256-1261.

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