Getting your Mojo Back

We all know the story of at least one divorcee who, post divorce, proceeds to get into the best shape of their lives. And while many people do this for the obvious reason, there are many benefits to exercise and transformation after divorce, especially for women. With this in mind, I decided to chat with Claudia Saillant, a fit lifestyle and body sculpting expert. Claudia is a divorced mother of two.

DM: For those women currently experiencing a painful divorce, what strategies can you share that they can implement right away?
SAILLANT: Transforming a horrible situation into the best thing that ever happened begins with self-care. It’s learning that “it is self full to put yourself first.” The pain of divorce can make a woman feel so vulnerable that the idea of creating and implementing a roadmap to joy seems impossible. Consequently, the right tools and support system can trigger a mindset shift that brings the immediate realization that one can take control of the situation and create a new life.

DM: What are the right tools and support system?
SAILLANT: I believe exercise is one of the most important tools. It’s a great outlet for this situation. Vigorous exercise triggers a cascade of beneficial, happy hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. Practicing yoga, meditating, and visualizing are also empowering tools. Finally, surrounding yourself with people who are uplifting and supportive by joining a support group for divorced women, for example, can be extremely helpful. By the way, if you are looking for such a group, please consider the Coral Gables Meetup group for those in the process of divorce or recently divorced. You can get more information on this group at:

DM: While going through divorce, why is it so important for women to embrace a fitness lifestyle?
SAILLANT: For many women, shifting to a fitness lifestyle mindset allows them to connect with mind, body and soul in a way that generates both physical and inner strength. And the bodily changes often give women a much needed boost of confidence.

DM: What’s the secret to overcoming a painful divorce?
SAILLANT: It’s attitude. Being brave enough to transform your own life, as you provide support and inspiration to peers that are experiencing the same thing.

DM:What is your promise for women that are going through a painful divorce?
SAILLANT: Ultimately, divorce is a loss on many levels. The loss of your spouse and everything you’ve worked for and know suddenly comes to an end. It’s the braking of your home. If you have children, you feel a sense of separation that leaves a void. However, it’s been my personal experience that my greatest tool for healing was focusing on creating a new life for myself. This gives you an inner strength that will empower and inspire you to work on self growth. It’s about creating a new story, and it starts with a decision to be happy again.

Carlos founded The Big Kaboom, which combines people, technology and social elements, in order to support clients throughout their divorce process. He may be contacted by calling 305-908-1171 or sending an email to

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