Helping your children through the moving process

Wendy Levy

Families who sell their homes face many challenges. Along with the need to pack up their home and move to a new area, there are also the challenges that children face. If the home you live in now is the only home your children have ever known, then that can make the packing process even more difficult. There are some things that parents can do to help their children cope with the sale of their home. Children are often confused and frustrated with change and many do not understand what it means to start over in a new area. When you are getting ready to sell your home, you need to keep the needs of your children in mind, along with the needs of the entire family.

Adam Levy

One of the things that children will instantly miss is the convenient social setting created by their school. Families that sell their homes during the school year will make it easier on children than families who move during school vacations. During the school year, children in school are involved in their routines and new children will find it easier to assimilate into the new social setting. Children who are asked to jump into a new school after a school vacation can find the chaos of the first days after a vacation to be difficult to adapt to. If you have a say in when your family moves into a new home, then make the move during the school year to help your children ease into a new social setting.

When families start the process of selling their homes, they can help their children by keeping the children involved and updated on prospects. Most open houses are not an appropriate place to bring children, but you can take pictures of the homes you are considering and share them with your children. You can also take pictures of any interesting locations close to the home such as a playground, ice cream shop or the local Shopping mall. When you keep your kids involved in the move, then they have a better chance of accepting it and even anticipating the change.

The most important thing that parents selling their homes need to keep in mind is that they must remain positive and enthusiastic about the move to get the children enthusiastic about it. If the parents treat the move as an exciting new chapter in the family’s history, then the children will see it the same way and look at the move in a positive way.

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