High-fives and high-spirits in our TRX classes.

Next week, Americans all around will be reciting, “thank you, for all that I have…” The following morning, the mantra will change to, “…but it’s not enough.” Herds of folks will congregate outside brick and mortar store fronts reminiscent to a scene out of The Walking Dead, eager to get that Smart TV or blu-ray-

David Gregory presents his spiritually engaging book on his journalistic studies on religions, his own Jewish belief and interfaith marriage December 3rd.

David Gregory presents his spiritually engaging book on his journalistic studies on religions, his own Jewish belief and interfaith marriage December 3rd.

bargain-bin. Even I’ve dabbled into the madness, one freezing cold Friday morning at Cielo Vista mall in Texas a while back.

It wasn’t until my first-hand experience of Black Friday as a retail store manager a little over a decade ago that I found it to be a bit of a paradox of the 400-year-old holiday that took place just hours before. You know that old saying of being thankful for what you have instead of cynically focusing on what you don’t have?

Even that can be a paradox in itself. I mean you can also be grateful for having the health to rise up early on a Friday morning to spend money you earned from a job you are thankful for. So after we take a moment to reflect on the things we are thankful for, let me go over the exciting programming we’re rolling out for you at the Alper JCC.

Previously, with few Yoga classes on our schedule, the demand for more times was inevitable. The J is now offering more than 20 Yoga classes, free for all members and ranging $10-$15 per class for others in the community with special rates available. Hot Yoga, Kids Yoga, Vinyasa and Silver Sneakers Yoga are just a few of what we have for Yoga enthusiasts of all ages and levels.

Both mentally and physically, functional strength is vital to our overall quality of life, as well as being prepared for the unexpected. Krav Maga is the most effective Israeli self-defense training, teaching you the ins and outs of defending yourself should you face a real-world threat. Offered at our campus on Wednesday evenings, it’s $20 per class for members and $25 for the community – with package rates as an option.

Those familiar with the new Spike TV show Sweat Inc. may have noticed one of the judges – TRX suspension training creator Randy Hetrick rocking his TRX shirt. While many gyms charge for their TRX classes, we offer them free to our members. Lest I forget to mention it, I teach the evening classes.

Before my last class, I tried my hand at pickleball, which is now offered in the basketball gym. My first thought was, “what the heck is pickleball?” It’s basically a hybrid game of tennis, badminton and ping-pong played with a wiffle ball and is a fun and light workout. Another sport I’m looking forward to having next month at the J is dodgeball. The dodgeball league will let you form your own team of up to ten players or you can be placed on an existing team.

The following month, to jumpstart a strong 2016 among many programs, will be the Alper JCC’s official dance program for kids – J Dance Company. Tap, ballet and Acro Dance are just a few of many genres for the little ones.

Before I close out, I’d like to make a small mention of the ongoing Berrin Family Jewish Book Festival highlighted in some of the previous Tribune issues. The next event will take place December 3rd at Temple Judea, where former NBC newsman and Meet the Press moderator, David Gregory will be presenting his spiritual autobiography. How’s Your Faith is influenced by the exact question asked to Gregory by President George W. Bush while covering news at the White House. Gregory gains insights from multiple religions about their beliefs in an effort to encourage us all to live a more spiritually engaged life.

For information on this and other programming at the J, call 305-271-9000 or email <pr@alperjcc.org>. Have a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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