Homework Done Right lessens homework stress for families

By Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld….

Teacher Doug Miller works with a student during a session at Homework Done Right.

Sometimes parents feel like homework is a punishment on them because they have to battle their children to get the homework done each night. For those parents, the start of school is less than a happy occasion.

But Homework Done Right offers a solution to homework stress. It offers kids homework coaching, tutoring in tough subjects and college preparatory courses.

“The biggest thing that we do is we make sure the homework is complete and checked by a certified teacher,” said owner Michael Husson. “We offer continuity in learning and help the children complete their lesson. All of our staff is certified. The children will not only sharpen their skill but that portion of their grade will improve because the homework is completed and completed properly.”

Homework Done Right is a Pinecrest-based business located at 8505 SW 136 St. behind the Office Max.

“We all live and work in the area,” Husson said. “We even have a private bus service from all the Pinecrest/Palmetto Bay area schools.”

When a new client comes through the door, the folks at Homework Done Right sit down with the student and help them establish goals. They also help organize the child’s backpack so that the backpack becomes a useful tool and is no longer a black hole where important papers disappear.

The teachers identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses and build on their strengths while helping them overcome the weaknesses.
If a child needs more than homework help, they offer private tutoring in challenging subjects.

“The whole theory is elevating the student to the next level,” he said. “We want them to understand it and have confidence. We talk to the kids; if you want to build bridges, you have to be great at math and science. If you don’t get a good grade in geometry, you can’t get into Algebra 2. And then you can’t become a veterinarian.”

In doing this, not only is the child gaining confidence, which leads to better performance in school, but the family is helped because the pressure to get homework done after dinner is reduced or eliminated.

It leads to better grades, a happier student, happier parents and happier teacher or teachers.

“Students sometimes get lost in the shuffle,” Husson said. “The parents are too busy or not qualified, or simply not able to help. We offer an affordable alternative for them on a weekly basis.”

Homework Made Simple has a variety of plans, starting at two days a week and going up to four days a week.

“Our facility is very friendly. We have a student lounge. When they are done, they can enjoy a movie on the big TV,” he said. “The kids like coming here. We have a room full of beanbags. They can crash on those when they are finished studying.”

Homework Made Simple has appointments all day long — generally from 3 to 8 p.m. However, arrangements can be made for anyone whose needs don’t fall into those hours.

Parents of college-bound students can get help as well. Husson said they will be teaching parents and students all about the process of applying for college.

Homework Done Right has approximately 15 certified teachers on staff who rotate depending on need and subject matter. Husson said many have multiple certifications and some have PhD’s.

For more information, call 305-971-9680 or go online to www.homeworkdoneright.com.

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