Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week


November 11 through 19, the United States observes Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, which was created as a way to educate the public and draw attention to the problem of poverty in our society. In Miami-Dade County, Chapman Partnership works with a coalition of organizations to do its part to tackle the situation in our communities.

As an organization, Chapman provides homeless individuals and families, a wide array of programs. They include comprehensive case management, health, mental and dental care, day care, job development and training, job placement, permanent housing assistance, and other help from a variety of social service agencies all in one place.

Chapman Partnership depends heavily on the generosity of its donors, volunteers, and sponsors to carry out its mission.  This fall, Chapman Partnership will kick-off a new fundraising initiative that will raise monies that will help feed the 800 residents we serve each day. A simple donation of $5.00 will help provide three warm meals for one day to one of our residents. To put it into perspective, the organization serves three hot meals a day, 365 days a year, totaling more than 800,000 meals annually. The program kicks off in November as part of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week.

As part of the campaign, Chapman Partnership also will be featuring several of its residents’ stories across social media. With a success rate of 64 percent, which falls far above the national standard, the organization helps residents rebuild their lives while offering dignity and respect. They are healthier, they learn new skills, and they have a clear path to a brighter future and can take ownership of their lives.

Community leaders, businesses, schools, churches and other organizations also play a vital role in the success of our programs. By coming together as a group to participate in the $5.00 donation campaign, these entities will have a large impact on the work we are able to do each day. Companies and organizations can encourage donations by incentivizing employees to donate in exchange for having the opportunity to dress casual, leaving 30 minutes early, sweet treats, and so much more.  We encourage creativity. To sign up to participate, visit

Additional ways to volunteer with Chapman Partnership include hosting activities for children, a special event/party, or offering services to residents. Additionally, Chapman Partnership depends on a variety of donations of goods and services from individuals and companies alike. From the books and toys in the Family Resource Center, the interview clothes for those re-entering the workforce, to the furniture provided to those that are moving to their own home, the success of Chapman Partnership is dependent upon a wide variety of donated goods and services.

Chapman Partnership, founded in 1993, grew out of many years of planning, task forces, fundraising, public hearings and tireless work from many individuals. It’s concept of the Homeless Assistance Center goes far beyond the soup-kitchen emergency shelter model to provide a comprehensive suite of services for empowerment.

The organization operates two state-of-the-art facilities in downtown Miami and Homestead, and operates annually at 100 percent capacity. With fully equipped medical and dental clinics, family dorms, conference rooms, cafeterias, classrooms, access to case managers, Wi-Fi, day care centers, a basketball court and even a dog kennel – these facilities provide all of the resources needed to assist motivated residents to become self-sufficient.

For more information on Chapman Partnership and the various ways to get involved, visit:

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