Keep feet dry to avoid fungus infections

By Susan Smith….

Dr. Barry Tuvel and staff

“I have had many patients come into my office ashamed and embarrassed to expose their feet,” says Dr. Barry Tuvel. “With as few as two treatment sessions, they were able to wear summer sandals or flip flops comfortably and confidently.”

A doctor of podiatric medicine, Dr. Tuvel has been treating patients in Miami for 25 years and two years ago was the first podiatrist to use nail laser procedures to resolve foot fungal conditions. Before nail laser treatment, it was only possible to control onychomycosis using oral medications or other traditional prescriptions. These remedies could damage the liver or have other negative side effects. Boasting a success rate of 75 to 80 percent, nail laser therapy will not only control but cure the condition entirely. This new patented laser technology kills toenail fungus without anesthesia, is completely painless, has no negative side effects, and is quick and safe with proven clinical results.

Dr. Tuvel says the South Florida climate lends itself to humid conditions that can encourage the development of fungal foot problems. He recommends that South Floridians keep their feet dry this summer, after an ocean or poolside swim, by thoroughly towel drying their feet to avoid potential foot fungus. He suggests the same care with your feet after showers as well.

“It is important to avoid excessive moisture,” he says. “If you do notice a thickening of the toenails or discoloration, visit a podiatrist as soon as possible for the optimum success in treatment.”

Dr. Tuvel has effectively treated more than 500 patients for fungal disorders. He is board certified for surgery and also treats orthopedic foot problems and sports injuries.

Dr. Tuvel is on staff at Baptist Hospital, South Miami Hospital and Doctors Hospital. He is an assistant professor in podiatric medicine at Barry University and is also involved with various research projects.

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