Let’s Do It!

How successful would Nike be if their slogan was “Just Try It”? Would big name celebrities be affiliated with a brand that is uncertain of their own direction? Would you purchase and wear it?

These three exceptionally basic words, JUST DO IT stimulate the idea of a life without limitations. They conjure a powerfully intense suggestion that promotes action to achieve a goal. A famed author and lecturer, Joel A. Barker, stated that “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

The challenge occurs when we overanalyze or procrastinate because we overthink! There’s a great chance there are a few things you have “put off,” which this article may have brought to mind. You are going to do them “later” …right? You have your perfectly logical reasons and excuses. Guess what? Your “logic” and your “overthinking” are why you have yet to take ACTION.

So how do you keep your mind from sabotaging your actions?

On my journey, I have discovered one constant that has helped me rise above overthinking any situation. It is not sheer belief in my abilities; it is believing beyond the shadow of a doubt that KNOWLEDGE. IS. POWER. As cliché as it is, those three words possess a potent punch, just like Nike’s slogan, when applied.

Obviously, you must have a foundation of knowledge about the subject of your goal. But the more important knowledge I want to highlight is the understanding that you must have power over your mind in order to take action. You have to become so obsessed with your goal that you will do anything in your POWER to get there.

Challenges will arise on the way to achieving your goal; it’s not a matter of if they will happen, but when. Your knowledge of the existence of these challenges and a plan of how to overcome them will allow you to conquer them. Knowledge leads the way. Knowing your vision. Knowing your plan of action. Knowing your obstacles. Knowing your default, logical excuses. Knowing the why behind your goal. Knowing that you will rip your mind from the vices of fear to venture into the valley of the unknown. All in knowing that the action will be worth it.

If you continue on this road of action, over time, you will find yourself wiser. Literally every experience you have carves new pathways into your mind, like the roots of a tree. This is why I say “The more you know, the more you grow!” If you feed your “roots” with positive knowledge and action, your mind will repay you by making you the change in the world.

Charlie Miller is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and master basketball trainer. He has owned his business, ATTACK Basketball Academy for 6 years and is passionate about mentoring the youth of today. You can contact him by email at charlie@attackbball.com.

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