New Nissan Titan XD is versatile enough to do the job for everyone

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In the world of pickup trucks there is a clear line between the light-duty pickups built more for everyday use and the heavy-duty pickups designed for serious work. Blurring that line is Nissan’s Titan XD, updated for the 2018 model year.

The new Nissan Titan XD is what Nissan calls an “Every Duty” pickup truck. With a towing capacity of 12,640 pounds and a payload capacity greater than all other trucks in this segment — with the ability to carry 2,900 pounds — the Titan seems like a no brainer for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile pickup.

The Titan I test drove was the Platinum Reserve trim level and it has all the bells and most of the whistles you could expect from a pickup.

The interior was awash with leather and wood and even offers floor mats that are both carpeted and rubberized for when you get in with dirty work boots.

The infotainment system is pretty comprehensive and can be configured to show you anything you could want from fuel economy to how fast you plan on traveling so the estimated time will adjust. The Titan XD also has a 360-degree camera to help maneuver in tight spaces.

The only shortcoming of Nissan’s system is that it is all displayed on a screen smaller than most cell phones and the resolution leaves something to be desired.

The seats, both heated and ventilated, are comfortable and serve as a nice place to retreat after a long day of work, and the wood and leather steering wheel is welcoming to the touch. The interior space is plenty large enough and the back seats can fold up to make room for anything you may not want to put in the bed. Under the back seats is a locking storage are for special items you may want to keep secure and out of sight.

Driving the new Nissan Titan XD is a treat. The steering is light and that is exactly what you want in a large pickup. The seating position is quite accommodating and high enough for a commanding view of the road. Frankly, as big as the Titan is, it never feels too big on normal roads. And with a mpg of 15 city and 21 highway, you are off and running like a titan.

On the highway, you can feel the torque of the Cummins 5-liter V8 turbo diesel. Generating 310 horsepower and 555 pounds of torque, it is probably too fast considering it weighs over 7,000 pounds.

The Nissan Titan XD is a good truck for those who need to do a little bit of everything then return home in a suburban neighborhood. It is not too big and not too small. While we wouldn’t call it car-like, its manners might be the strongest selling point, along with a price tag of $65,000.

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