New tolls coming to SR836 and SR 112 as MDX seeks $800M

MDX, the acronym for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, recently held a workshop where they voted unanimously to adapt a new toll rate policy on the State Road 836 and 112 expressways.

The centerpiece of this new MDX policy is the toll changes that are planned for the 836. Currently at 11 cents per mile, a round trip on 836 from the Turnpike to downtown (30 miles) would cost the tollpayer $3.30 per round trip. If this round trip is made daily, that would equal $72.60 per month (based on a 22-day business month) or $871.20 per year.

MDX will attempt to sell alternate plans to the public, one based on 16 cents per mile and the other based on 17 cents per mile. This roughly 50 percent increase with either plan brings the cost for this same daily business commuter to between $1,300 and $1,400 per year just on this one road. MDX claims that they need to raise an additional $800 million for “much needed projects.”

MDX also announced that it will install ORT or electronic overhead toll collection devices — the same system implemented on the 874 and 878 expressways— on the 836 and 112 expressways. Toll collection gantries will be installed at every on-ramp, and one main gantry will go up at Southwest 57th Avenue. Plus, MDX wants to incorporate the CPI (Consumer Price Indexing) into future toll rate increases.

MDX also wants to eliminate the administrative fee for toll-by-plate users and simply double that toll rate. And there’s a whole lot more of this good stuff in the works for unsuspecting consumers.

The MDX must be stopped. MDX board members and staff are simply out of control and out of touch with reality. These faceless, nameless bureaucrats have no understanding of the financial situation of the average toll-paying commuter who must travel Miami-Dade expressways on a daily basis to get to and from home and work. In the coming months, MDX will do its best to put a “Smiley Face” on this “tollation” (tolling without representation) through public meetings and a public relations campaign. Every Miami-Dade County motorist must be made aware of what is coming and understand the consequences of what these new expressway tolls and toll increases means to their pocketbook.

Carlos Garcia, a Miami native and Kendall resident, is the co-founder/cochair of, a grassroots watch-dog group formed in 2010 to inform the general toll paying commuters of Miami-Dade about MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) and FDOT (Florida Dept. of Transportation). He may be contacted by sending email to

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6 Comments on "New tolls coming to SR836 and SR 112 as MDX seeks $800M"

  1. Go for Mr. Garcia! Get rid of MDX! All they are doing is trying to make money for their own fat paychecks! How can they do this to these people trying to get to work to make a living! Very sad, big government at it's best.

  2. Please sign our on-line petition asking MDX not to raise the toll rates. go go and sign it today!

  3. Folks said, "Government ought to make a profit." So here you go, people. This is government making a profit… from all of you. The excuse here is to curb congestion but it simply makes more congestion AND raises money for road operations and maintenance. Although when there's no maintenance going on it doesn't just sit there. What does that money do in the meantime? Leather chairs for board members? I'll leave it up to your wildest (and suspicious) imaginations!

  4. this is an outrage.
    It's not expensive enough to own and drive a car, you have to put tolls on every main road.
    112 is pretty much the only road that leads to the MIA airport from I95.
    What about making the roads safe first ?. I95 between Golden Glades and 95th Street became a cobblestone road.
    Can't even do the speed limit without endangering yourself and other drivers.
    Thanks a lot MDX.

  5. Denise L Conway | April 19, 2015 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    I was there in February for a couple of days and JUST NOW IN LATE APRIL!! I have charges on my credit card for almost $35 in tolls!!!!!!!!!!!
    It takes 2 months to post charges??? Who the hell is running this scam?!

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