‘Pure at Heart’ ecofriendly fashion line launches

Pure of Heart debut collection includes tee-shirts adorned with inspirational messages.

Pure of Heart, a fresh, new ecofriendly clothing line, is hitting the fashion scene with a mission: Empowering women to discover, reconnect with and express their true selves.

The company’s chic and modern clothing is beautifully designed, fabricated from ecofriendly materials and produced in the United States. Full of modern style, each piece carries a heart-felt and empowering message designed to encourage women to embrace and express their true selves.

Pure of Heart’s debut collection offers a stunning selection of tee-shirts adorned with thoughtfully crafted inspirational messages that empower the women who wear them to affirm and declare to the universe exactly who they want to be. Fashioned in striking colors chosen for their inherent power to influence a person’s state of mind — white for purity, resurrection and ascending; blue for protection, faith, professional power and strength; and pink for divine love and adoration — Pure of Heart’s garments are more than just pieces of clothing, they are a way to connect the inner and outer self, to express one’s true spirit and to bring one’s unique gifts to the world.

“Through my clothing and accessory line, I want to share my story and messages to help people break through those obstacles that prevent them from being who they want to be,” said founder and creative director Daniela Garcia. “I hope to help people reconnect with their pure selves.” Pure of Heart’s debut clothing line, which includes 14 pieces and a collection for kids, is made of 100 percent tencel, a luxurious and silky jersey knit fabric that is biodegradable and breathable, perfect for the warm climate of south Florida. The best thing about the collection is that each piece is versatile and easy to dress up or dress down. Adding fun accessories, a great pump or wedge and a clutch makes a perfect outfit for a night on the town. Paired with shorts or jeans and flats, they make easy outfits well suited for weekend errand running or activities with the kids. Each piece provides both comfort and style.

Debut clothing line includes 14 pieces and a collection for kids; is made of 100 percent tencel, a luxurious biodegradable and breathable silky jersey knit fabric.

Bearing intriguing messages, the pieces inspire confidence and courage to speak the truth. A striking royal blue tee, for instance, proclaims “Pure Strength” on the front, and on the back, “In my darkest hours my true strength rises above it all, turning my light on so I can see myself again.” A bright white version states, “I am who I Want to Be” on the front, and “Pure Me” on the back. A vibrant pink tank declares “Pure Love” on the front, and on the back, “I Love you as I love myself…together we are part of a Beautiful life.”

In addition to the women’s collection, the kids’ line includes a unisex cotton tee shirt adorned with the Pure of Heart logo in pink and blue, which is sure to make any kid look chic and fashionable. The kids’ collection is available in sizes ranging from toddler to youth and priced starting at just $40 per tee shirt. Pure of Heart also created a kids’ cotton t-shirt with a beautiful message, “Be Kind to Me I am Special,” to help children with autism,

Pure of Heart founder and creative director Daniela Garcia.

Down syndrome, and other disabilities. Pure of Heart will donate a portion of the net profits from the tee shirt to La Ventana de los Cielos www.laventanadeloscielos.org, a nonprofit foundation that helps children and adolescents with special abilities develop non-verbal communication skills through interactive zoo, water and equestrian therapies and activities.

For Pure of Heart, it was important that the collection be manufactured in the United States as a way to contribute to the local economy and help create jobs for Americans. Producing the line in the U.S. also allows the company to maintain strict quality control in order to provide the best product for its customers.

The collection, with prices ranging from $30 to $85, is available online at www.pureofheart.me

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