Relieve your stress with a 45-minute vacation

By Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld….

Acupuncture physician Jane Kaufman says 45 minutes is just enough time for a relaxing vacation.

A few months ago, Pinecrest’s acupuncture physician, Jane Kaufman realized that her clients face a one-two punch – too much stress and not enough money.

“I did think, over time, in listening to my patients in my private practice that what everybody’s talking about is stress,” Kaufman says. “Stress manifests in different ways for different people. Some people escape in sleep, others are by staring at the ceiling.”

At the same time, no one has money to do the things needed to de-stress.

“My cash-paying patients are having trouble coming in because of the economy,” she says. “I know I can make it more affordable when I can bring my treatment to a group. How can I bring relief to a bigger clientele without having them come to our office?”

So Kaufman developed the 45-Minute Vacation to help. It’s geared to groups and can be done at lunch time or after work, whatever works best for a company. The 45-Minute Vacation is a group acupuncture session that helps those attending to destress, balance energy to calm the nervous system, enhance sleep and detoxify.

“We do it in a group setting so it makes it very affordable. We’re getting some fabulous feedback,” Kaufman says.

Ideally, Kaufman says she likes to vacation a group of 20 at a time.

“That’s the most economical,” she says. “Vacation in a group of 20 would be approximately $25 a person.”

She will vacation less than 20 if asked. If the group is larger, Kaufman says she’ll bring in one or more additional acupuncture physicians, depending on the need.

“Using the ancient art of Chinese medicine, I put five small needles in each ear,” Kaufman says. “They de-stress, relax, enhance sleep and gently detox the body.”

Those who have taken the 45-Minute Vacation are giving it rave reviews. Legal secretary Mindy Riley took one of the early sessions and found it refreshing.

“The ambiance was great — low lighting, soft music, the candles lit,” Riley says. “It rejuvenated me. I felt better mentally.”

In fact, Riley sometimes suffers physical pain because of stress and the 45-Minute Vacation banished that pain for a while. She hopes to do another vacation soon.

Because of the good word of mouth, the 45-Minute Vacation is growing in popularity. Kaufman has done them with financial planning groups, law firms and even a yoga studio. She goes to the businesses in advance to prep those who will take the vacation and answer questions about acupuncture and the needles they use. That helps calm some who are leery about needles.

“These needles are not like the needles you see in a doctor’s office. These are very fine and thin; solid needles, about the thickness of a hair,” she says. “In accordance with Florida law, I’m required to use single use disposable needles. They are in the blister pack.”

Kaufman uses all the same safety protocols she uses in her office and she brings a container for needle disposal. Health information is gathered in advance.

“My malpractice and my liability insurance follow me where ever I go. I bring a certificate with me,” she says.

Once everyone is in their seat and the acupuncture is done, everyone relaxes.

“There are candles and music playing; almost everybody falls asleep,” she says.

Kaufman’s office is located at 14707 S. Dixie Hwy.

For more information, call 786-242-3885 or go to

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