Sergeant Gorsline returns to work after triple bypass

Sergeant Gorsline returns to work after triple bypassCrime Prevention Unit Supervisor Sergeant Michael Gorsline returned to work after having an unexpected triple bypass heart surgery in July of last year to complete his “mission.”

Sergeant Gorsline lives and works in the village and has been the driving force behind establishing 30 Neighborhood Watch Groups since he was assigned to the Crime Prevention Unit in July 2013. Last year, he was awarded the 2015 Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Charitable Foundation Crime Prevention/Community Policing Award for his efforts.

“My mission here is not complete,” said Sergeant Gorsline, who is a United States Air Force veteran and has been with the department for 18 years. “I want to lay the groundwork for a safer community and continue to educate residents who can then educate others to help prevent senseless criminal activity.”

Sergeant Gorsline is able to retire “comfortably.” But he decided to come back to work to continue educating residents and mentor Officer Edison Cruz who is currently assisting Sergeant Gorsline to establish new Neighborhood Watch Groups.

In addition to crime prevention education, Sergeant Gorsline encourages others to pay attention to their heart health. Sergeant Gorsline paid a nominal out-of-pocket fee for a CAT scan of his heart which showed evidence of severe blockage in three arteries.

“Listen to your body,” says Gorsline. “I may not be here had I not taken extraordinary measures to get further testing.”

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