The 2015 Ford Expedition” A large family’s dream SUV

The 2015 Ford Expedition" A large family's dream SUV

Pictured is the Ford 2015 Expedition.

Until very recently, Americans were skirting away from large SUVs due to crippling gas prices. With the fall of these prices, however, Ford has seized the opportunity to make SUVs attainable again. This is where the 2015 Expedition came in—big, bad (in the good way) and surprisingly fuel-efficient for such a massive vehicle.

The main attraction of the Expedition is, of course, what most fuel-conscious individuals were trying to avoid—its massive size. Capable of comfortably transporting eight people, and of towing an impressive 9,200 pounds, the 2015 Expedition is the dream car for large families and road trip lovers.

Aside from its sheer size, which allows you to feel comfortable even when it has reached its maximum passenger capacity, Ford has introduced an updated suspension. This enables three drive modes; comfort, normal and sport, ensuring that in every situation, you get the smoothest drive possible. The best update to the Expedition however is its new turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine.

The EcoBoost V6, which replaces the previous V8 engine, is more powerful as well as more fuel efficient. The 2015 Expedition is more powerful than the V8 because Ford has fitted it with a twin-turbocharged, directinjected 3.5 liter DOHC-V6. The new engine is capable of an impressive 420 lb-ft of torque, which is 55 lb-ft more than the previous V8. The new EcoBoost V6 is capable of 365 horsepower, which is pretty decent. EPA Estimates state that the two wheel drive Expedition has a 16 city/22 highway MPG. If you opt for the four wheel drive option, luckily, you won’t have to sacrifice much because its MPG is 15 city/21 highway.

Ford has also made some technological advancements to the interior, including a back-up camera that now comes standard and more modern styling. Additionally the first trim level, the XLT, comes standard with the following features: rear parking sensors, keyless entry, 4.2 inch display, 40/20/40 split second row seating, auto dimming rearview mirror, Ford’s Sync system, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and everything else an audiophile would need including iPod audio interface and an aux cord. Aside from the back-up camera, the 2015 Expedition comes with upgraded safety technology that help earn it a 8.7 rating for safety by U.S. News rankings.

While the interior aesthetics may not be particularly eye-catching or unique, Ford still makes a very attractive interior for the 2015 Expedition. What’s more important when considering the Expedition is the amount of room you’ll get, which there is no shortage of. In the back, there is about 18.6 cubic feet of space and the back two rows can fold flat to create a massive 108.3 cubic feet of free space. This is perfect for bringing lots of luggage or camping gear for the journeys you’ll want to take with the Expedition.

The 2015 Ford Expedition is a great buy for those who love adventure and need plenty of room for traveling or hauling big loads. Even better, with its new EcoBoost V6 the Ford Expedition is more equipped than ever to take long road trips since you won’t be burning as much gas as you would with previous models. If you need the space and hauling capacity, but cringe every time you think of filling up an SUV, the 2015 Expedition is for you.

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