The Beautiful Landmarks Of Pinecrest, Florida

PinecrestWhile other Miami suburbs are known chiefly for their industries, nightlife, and tourist attractions, Pinecrest, Florida has a natural beauty that keeps visitors coming back to the small village year round. The town is right on the edge of the famous Jungle Island zoological park and has a number of notable landmarks to keep in mind during your next visit to the area.

The Pinecrest Gardens are easily the most well-known attraction in town. The gorgeous, lush plant life of this location makes it a soothing area to visit, especially if you’ve already stopped by Jungle Island and you’re looking for a more relaxing way to end your day. You’ll enjoy wandering around the Gardens, as it’s a top-notch public park and easily one of the best landmarks in the Miami area.

Pinecrest Gardens also hosts a number of community events including theater and music throughout the year, so there’s a good chance that a visit to the Gardens will show you the best of what Pinecrest has to offer. The Fine Arts and Holiday festivals are annual attractions that draw in thousands from Pinecrest and from other neighboring communities. Check the community’s online calendar for information on current events before you visit Pinecrest Gardens. Whether you need a romantic getaway or activities for your family, there’s always something to do in the Gardens.

While you’re near the Gardens, stop by Jungle Island. It’s a prominent zoo that boasts fun for the whole family; and as it takes a more hands-off, natural approach with its wildlife, it’s sure to delight anyone interested in Florida’s thousands of distinct animal species. There are also non-indigenous animals in Jungle Island, but the focus of this Pinecrest landmark is on education and an up-close and personal view of some amazing Florida creatures.

Pinecrest has undertaken serious efforts to improve and expand its parks department in recent years, probably due to the popularity and notoriety of Pinecrest Gardens. One of the newest parks in town is Flagler Grove Park, which may be a better stop if you’re looking for a traditional park where you can enjoy a picnic and let the kids play in a safe, well-maintained playground. Flagler Grove Park is a great place to get some fresh air when you’re looking to escape the bustling excitement often associated with Miami. Other great parks to visit include Suniland, Veterans Wayside, and Coral Pine. They may not be as notable as Pinecrest Gardens, but each park is immaculately maintained and worthy of a visit or two.

If you’re a bit more adventurous and you like roughing it in the outdoors, you can visit the R. Hardy Matheson County Preserve. The preserve is in Coral Gables, which makes it a very short drive from Pinecrest, and it isn’t accessible by car. Pack your mountain bike or some decent hiking supplies and you’ll enjoy breathtaking views through the trails that run near Snapper Creek. It is untouched land, apart from the wear of human feet on each trail, and it’s possible to spend days exploring it without seeing everything on the numerous paths that offshoot through the preserve. You’ll feel like early Florida settlers – and you might even see structures built by them. The County Preserve is rumored to contain man-made landmarks that are hundreds of years old.

There are many reasons to visit Pinecrest, but the natural and manmade landmarks of the city can be inspiring. With brilliant gardens, unique surroundings, and a close proximity to some of the best attractions in Miami, Pinecrest is a wonderful place to spend your days. Be sure to look for events in town in order to take advantage of the romance and natural beauty of the village’s great attractions. Summer is generally the best time to plan a short stay, as the Gardens have more events, and hiking trips can be much easier and more social. Regardless of when you visit, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy the wonder of this proud Floridian town.

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