The most important questions to ask before purchasing fitness equipment

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The most important questions to ask before purchasing fitness equipment

With so many different fitness solutions available, it can be confusing trying to decide the right equipment for your workouts. Don’t worry – we can help. We polled our Gym Source equipment experts to learn the most important questions you should ask to determine the best fitness equipment for your home gym.


  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Because your goals should guide your fitness equipment purchase (and not the other way around), it is critical to first determine what you want to accomplish with exercise before researching equipment options.
    “There is no ‘one size fits all’ fitness product that will be the perfect match for every fitness journey. Instead, I tell my clients the only “essential” equipment is what you routinely use.”
  2. What are my physical limitations?
    Do you have any ailments or physical limitations and restrictions that prevent you from safely completing certain exercises.“I always start consultations by first understanding any physical restrictions my client has. For example, if  a client experiences lower back or joint pain I can recommend effective low-impact workouts like a Recumbent or Upright bike, elliptical, resistance bands, or the TRX suspension training. Basically, anything that doesn’t require your body (legs and knees particular) to fall with impact against a surface, such as a treadmill.”
  3. What activities do you enjoy?
    Forget the workouts you “should do” or that are deemed “the best”. Think about what make you happy and that you like doing.  “The best workout is the one you consistently do, and it is easier to stay committed and motivated to exercise if you have equipment at your disposable that you enjoy using. Keep your personal fitness goals the priority, and choose the equipment that you are going to be most motivated to use on a regular basis.”
  4. What equipment have you personally TRIED?
    Only by trying, working out on, or testing gym equipment will you have a real sense of the differences amongst the machines. Each brand uniquely constructs their equipment to enhance the experience and outcome of workouts – but their end result can vary. Design features that may feel natural and comfortable to one user may feel awkward to another.“You don’t really know if you like a machine until you get on the unit and feel it. Fitness equipment much like people come in all shapes and sizes. It is very important to know before you buy that the piece will fit your body properly, the last thing you want is to get a piece home and it is uncomfortable to workout on.”

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