Village Council Candidates-SEAT 1 – CANDIDATE Jennifer Wollmann

Motivation to run for office:

I would like to see a distinctive look for Pinecrest, a branding, to give the community a sense of identity. Miami- Dade County is one big connecting line of communities, you cannot tell one from the next. We can promote our boundaries with coral rock walls and trees as there are on Southwest 57th Avenue. Change happens whether you want it or not. If you get involved beforehand you get to shape it, if you don’t get involved, it may not be what you wanted for your community.

Pressing issues and strategies for resolution:

There is lots of stuff going on with our borders, like what the council is working on with the FPL lines. I agree with what the council is doing to underground the lines or find a route that is not disruptive to so many communities. I prefer underground lines. The other thing has to do with the possibility of the Florida Department of Transportation putting in express lanes. I think the preliminary study is horrible for Pinecrest and all the communities around us.


I have been involved with the community since I moved here. I am a Realtor and do lots of real estate in Pinecrest and Miami-Dade County. It helps to know the community you live and work in. I have three kids and all of them graduated from the Pinecrest public schools. I love how involved the community is in the schools; I have volunteered with all of the schools since my first son became enrolled. I am currently on the US1 steering committee and building and zoning. I sit on the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Parent Advisory Budget Committee and I am going into my fourth year (of service).

Future vision:

There are so many great amenities in Pinecrest, such as the community center, and not every resident may be aware. We need public relations for Pinecrest within the limits for the residents. Being involved with the workshops and the various entities and making your opinion known is important. Informing and communicating with people in charge of changes and lobbying for the interests of the Village is also important and the council is good at that.

Accessibility to constituents:

I am super technologically connected with Twitter and Facebook, and I also have a blog, which is mostly on Pinecrest. As a Realtor, I am used to being available 24/7. I can be reached at 305-776-2792 or by email at

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