Where To Spend The Day In Pinecrest, Florida

Jungle Island in Pinecrest FL

As a particularly relaxed and beautiful suburb of Miami, Pinecrest, Florida is a wonderful place to live or visit that combines the best of city and suburban living. Pinecrest has a steadily growing tourism industry thanks to its beautiful parks, unique ranch architecture, and well-preserved natural surroundings. The small village is proud of its proximity to the Everglades, and for visitors, this can mean lots of wonderful ways to spend a day in Pinecrest and the surrounding areas.

The most notable natural landmark and attraction in Pinecrest is Pinecrest Gardens, which hosts many town events and concerts throughout the course of the year. The Gardens are emblematic of the natural beauty of Pinecrest and sit at the edge of the Parrot Jungle. Trees, brilliant flowers, and natural wildlife make the Gardens a breathtaking sight and a unique feature that sets Pinecrest apart from other Miami suburbs.

The Gardens are also a great place to send the kids, as the Pinecrest Gardens are home to some of the most well-reviewed and trusted summer camps in Florida. Everything from art festivals to community cinema and theater exhibitions takes place at the Gardens. It’s the most famous part of town for a reason – there’s always something to do at the Gardens, whether you’d rather wander around in a serene natural setting or take part in a variety of family-friendly community events. It’s a part of town that manages to be romantic, exciting, and fun, and it’s free to visit. Be sure to check the town’s website for a look at current events. The Gardens can be visited throughout the year, but the majority of community projects and camps take place in the summer.

Be sure to stop by Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle), one of the largest zoological attractions in Florida. It’s a great place to bring kids, as the many hands-on exhibits and daily shows showcase the variety of natural Florida species as well as exotic creatures in detailed recreations of their natural habitats. It’s a remarkably family- and animal-friendly zoo and a fun, exciting counterpoint to the easygoing nature of Pinecrest Gardens.

As Pinecrest has worked hard to extend its parks programs, there are other parks and trails to visit in town, and in the immediate area! Coral Pine, Evelyn Greer, and Flagler Grove are all tremendous, beautiful parks to visit and spend the day, especially during the town’s annual festivals (the Holiday festival is particularly great if you’re bringing your family to the village).

If you’re spending more than a few days in town, you may be looking for something to do indoors. The community center is a great fitness club operated by the town, and an affordable day pass will allow you to work out in comfort on top-of-the-line equipment or to join one of many daily workout classes (many of which are dance or yoga themed).

Near the village is Coral Gables, which has the Lowe Art Museum, another great option for spending some time indoors. The Lowe Art Museum is part of the University of Miami and is home to many masterpieces from world-renowned contemporary artists. Art fans shouldn’t miss this affordable and engaging museum. It’s a great stop for families and it’s in close proximity to many Pinecrest hotels, so it’s a fantastic option for spending a culture-rich day with consistently updated exhibits from some true masters.

Pinecrest is also known for its ranch architecture and is home to some of the best looking houses in the Miami metropolitan region. If you’re interested in architecture, consider taking a walk around the village’s neighborhoods or down Main Street. It’s a great way to see the unique style and heritage of the town.

Pinecrest is a wonderful village and a hidden gem in the bustling suburbs of Miami. Be sure to spend a day or two here to enjoy all of the town’s attractions and to fully appreciate its natural splendor.

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  3. I live close to Pinecrest and cannot determine where Main Street is located. Help.

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