Young, Stovall & Co. offers ‘sound, conservative financial advice’

By Lee Stephens….
In 1979, Roark Young (known as Rocky) and Helen Stovall decided to form a stock brokerage company headquartered in Pinecrest.

Stovall had been a bond trader with Southeast Bank and Young was a trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. They surmised, and rightly so, that with their combined experience they could offer clients a unique alternative to the “big” brokerage houses that dominated the market. There were not many independent brokerage firms in Miami back then and none with their combined expertise. Thirty years later, that is still true and Young, Stovall and Company remains unique in South Florida.

The firm has evolved over the years from a “discount” broker-dealer to a sophisticated wealth management boutique with a sterling reputation. Today over $300 million in private client assets are invested with Young, Stovall.

Young, president of Young Stovall, 9627 S. Dixie Hwy., is a past vice chairman of the NASD district, a former member of the prestigious FINRA small firm advisory board, and past chairman of a local bank. Stovall, executive vice president, is a former president of the Miami Bond Club.

The brokers and staff at Young Stovall & Co. pride themselves on building relationships with their clients and delivering firstclass customer service. Clients typically leave large firms to join Young Stovall because of the quality of advice and the personalized attention that they receive.

Together with a team of experienced brokers, the firm offers clients personal attention and sound advice. Young Stovall & Co. is a member of FINRA, the Securities Investment Protection Corporation (SIPC) and is also a registered investment advisor.

Trades are cleared through RBC Correspondent Services and through a Lloyd’s of London policy carried by RBC. In addition to having SIPC protection, all accounts at Young Stovall have additional securities and cash protection up to $99.5 million.

“Safety is paramount at Young Stovall,” says Young. “We have been in business for the past 30 years and intend to be servicing our clients for the next 30. Our commissions are extremely competitive, but where we really shine is setting up portfolios. Our clients’ money is important to them and it is equally important to us. Every client and every portfolio is different, but we tend to be more conservative and risk adverse than many advisors. If you’re a client who is interested in sound, conservative advice and personal attention, you should investigate Young Stovall.”

For information, call 305-666-2511.

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  1. Gloria Rodriguez | January 2, 2011 at 11:36 pm | Reply

    Was he the CEO of Turnberry Bank which was seized by the FDIC in 2010?

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