Positive People in Pinecrest : Sabrina Campos-Noguera

Positive People in Pinecrest : Sabrina Campos-Noguera
Positive People in Pinecrest : Sabrina Campos-Noguera
Sabrina Campos-Noguera

Westminster Christian School senior Sabrina Campos-Noguera seeks to help people become healthy. It started when she decided as a freshman to adapt a healthier lifestyle. She began blogging about the changes she made in her life through her Instagram Sweetnsinless. She shared tips on what she was doing to lose weight in a healthy manner.

“My sophomore year I became more dedicated and creative with it, so I started posting recipe tutorials and workout videos,” she says.

Now she even interacts with her audience through Instagram Live Story, by giving followers updates on her lifestyle, and any new products, restaurants, or workouts she recommends.

“Through this blog and lifestyle, I’ve developed this passion for cooking, nutrition, fitness, and most importantly, influencing” she says. “I want to use my passion to help others.”

Her long-term goal is to create a company to deliver nutritious food products and other healthcare essentials in hopes to reinvent the health/food industry.

When Campos-Noguera started her mission to get healthy, she was just a little overweight.

“I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds,” she says. “I weighed 145 and went to the 120’s. I usually stay around 125.”

However, she reminds her followers not to focus on the weight only.

“Weight is just a number,” she says. “So many factors affect the number on the scale like height, muscle density, and sometimes water retention. I tell my followers to instead focus on feeling good on the inside, and then, feeling good on the outside will automatically fall into place with a balanced diet.”

It didn’t take long for people to start complimenting her on how healthy she looked.

That spurred her on to continue what she was doing. She started developing nutrition plans for herself and then started doing plans for others.

Before giving tips and making nutrition plans, Campos-Noguera does research to make sure she’s giving reliable information on topics such as how many calories one should, how to read a nutrition label, fitness tips, sleep, nutrients, and even personal development.

“Everything in life is about discipline. A healthy lifestyle has established this discipline I need to help me reach my goals,” she says.

The blog morphed into a club at her school named Activ4Life. She has partnered with SweatMoveYoga and done fundraisers with Juventud Por Venezuela. The money raised is used to buy food and clothes that are sent to communities in Venezuela.

At Westminster, she’s a math tutor. She’s been a member of Mu Alpha Theta since ninth grade and she takes part in math competitions.

She’s been in the National Honor Society since tenth grade. She’s participated in the NHS blood drive. Campos-Noguera participated in GOALS, a club that organizes soccer games with autistic kids.

She has worked with children as a counselor at the WCS Fun Camp over the summer and at the AquaKids Swim Camp. At the swim camp, she helped four to seven-year-old kids with staying organized, changing clothes, and maintaining proper behavior.

“Growing up with a younger brother and cousins, I am used to playing with little kids and enjoy interacting with them,” she says.

Campos-Noguera hopes to continue her career as an entrepreneur. She has been accepted into Babson and Boston College for business and entrepreneurship, Northeastern as a health business major, and the University of Miami. She has not made her final choice, as she is still waiting for admission decisions from Cornell University for food science with a concentration in business and the Wharton School of Business.

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