Get Your Property Tax Discount! Pay in November to $ave!


Get Your Property Tax Discount! Pay in November to $ave!

You snooze your lose! Only 4 days left to save the most $$ on your Florida property tax! Pay in November and get a 4% discount off residential and commercial property tax! It’s like a Black Friday Sale without the lines! Click the video to view the Dos and Don’t of Paying Your Property Tax!

In Florida, property tax bills are mailed out in November for tax year January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012.

If you own real property and didn’t get a bill, that doesn’t mean that you get a freebie!

Uncle Sam always gets paid! Every county has a different property tax website. Click here to find your tax bill and pay it in Miami Dade County.

Pay your bill now! Take advantage of the discounts while you can:

  • Pay in November: Get 4% Off
  • Pay in December: Get 3% Off
  • Pay in January: Get 2% Off
  • Pay in February: Get 1% Off
  • Pay in March: Pay Full Price!
  • Pay in April: Pay Full Price + Fees + Interest

Check out Miami Dade Tax Collector’s Website for options to pay! You may pay by credit card, but a 2.35% convenience fee will be added to your total bill. If you mail your payment make the check payable to Miami Dade County Tax Collector and make sure it is post marked with a date in November. Don’t send cash! Date, sign and write your folio number on your check. (If you don’t know what a folio number is contact me!)

Don’t wait until March, then you will be paying full price! If you wait until April 1, your will pay additional fees and interest! If your taxes remain unpaid they will become a lien on your property that the public can see. (Expensive +Embarrassing!!)

Don’t be a Turkey! Pay your taxes today!

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