MDX’s plan for 874 ramp- “A Bridge to Woolbright”

The Bridge to Woolbright
(London Square West)

Having attended the “Public Hearing” last week regarding the planned expansion of 874 over the turnpike and on to SW 128 Street to SW 137 Avenue, a few things became readily apparent:
1. This was not a public hearing as there were no public officials there.
2. There were no questions allowed during the ‘meat’ of the hearing, only comments for the record.
3. This hearing was but a formality. MDX wants to railroad this through with all due haste.
4. Six months ago, the estimated price tag regardless of which alternative route would have been selected was estimated by MDX at 60-90 million dollars. Today, the estimate has risen to 108 million dollars.
5. This roller coaster over the turnpike should not be built on either 128 Street or 136 Street. Either one would cause major impact on Pineland reserves. Green space in our midst for native animals and plants is a treasure. These reserves must be protected, restored and preserved.
6. London Square West is planned for inside the Tamiami Airport at the 128 Street entrance. Follow the money!
7. FDOT is spending an estimated 180 million dollars in 2013 on Kendall Turnpike Extension improvements. Let FDOT reconfigure the 120 Street exit to allow better traffic flow, eliminating the need for any MDX competitive solutions.
8. 137 Avenue is in gridlock now during rush hour. MDX, despite repeated questioning, has not answered how bringing dramatically increased traffic to 137 Avenue would benefit anyone but Woolbright.

We call on DERM to re-examine their decision and disallow construction on 128 Street or 136 Street. We call on the Vineland Church which is trying to buy Signature Gardens on 128 Street and whose property would be cut up and rendered useless to rally their 3,000 members to stand up to MDX and have their voices heard.

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