Mass Media Advertising Campaign Personalizes Everglades’ Impact On South Floridians’ Lives

On the first anniversary of an impactful public education campaign called “Your Water Comes from the Everglades,” The Everglades Foundation celebrated widespread success of increased education about the source of South Florida’s freshwater.

Since learning through a survey that more than 95 percent of people living in the region were unaware their drinking water comes from the Everglades, the Foundation launched the campaign to increase understanding of the ecosystem’s critical importance and bring attention to the urgency to restore and protect America’s Everglades.

Reaching Millions of South Floridians

A year later, the multimedia advertising campaign funded by The Everglades Foundation reached millions of South Floridians, created newfound understanding about the source of their freshwater, and advanced appreciation for the Everglades as a vital component for the region’s future to sustain the current population and support continued growth.

The multilingual campaign included advertising on billboards, bus shelters, radio, TV, and hundreds of online outlets. In addition, The Everglades Foundation partnered with local municipalities on the outreach, gained news media attention, and leveraged the campaign across social media platforms through sponsored and organic content.

On World Water Day, dozens of South Florida influencers joined the cause educating their audiences through creative content showcasing “Your Water Comes from the Everglades.”

A Priority to Empower Residents

“We need freshwater every day to wash dishes, brush our teeth, make coffee…you name it.” said Eric Eikenberg, CEO of The Everglades Foundation [in photo during 2022 campaign launch]. “And with most people in South Florida not knowing where that vital resource comes from, it became a priority for us to empower residents with the knowledge of how Everglades restoration is directly tied to protecting our water supply.”

The campaign’s ads feature attention-grabbing, bold colors and straightforward messages to powerfully and succinctly explain that Miami-Dade, Broward, and the Keys get their freshwater from the Everglades. Each of the campaign’s ads and social media posts include a call to action for users to spread the message.

We Must Protect It

Mr. Eikenberg believes the campaign has already begun to accelerate South Floridians’ understanding that the Everglades is connected to our everyday lives by supplying our most important resource, freshwater. “This campaign communicates a simple message: our water comes from the Everglades; therefore, we must protect it.”

To learn more visit the “Your Water Comes From The Everglades” website and in Spanish.


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