Mayor’s Community Policing and Crime Watch Committee visits Keys Cove

keys_cove1On Wednesday, February 27, 2013, the Mayor’s Community Policing and Crime Watch Committee joined Keys Cove residents to collaborate and strategize on crime prevention for the community.  Officer Robbie Tate and Crime Watch Committee Members Dr. James Tranthem, Bonnie Moran, Telma Martinez, Terry Lytle and Conward S. Thompson were all in attendance.

The meeting was a huge success and very well-attended by concerned citizens. Officer Tate and Mayor Bateman emphasized the importance of being the eyes and ears of the police department and urged the residents to take action, pick up the phone and call the Homestead Police Department hotline to report anything that may appear out of the ordinary.  The crime watch program is only as effective as the number of members and residents that are willing to take an active role in the safety of their community.  The Crime Watch Members provided Keys Cove residents with the Committee pamphlet and informational palm cards to be used as a reference for information and important numbers to call when reporting suspicious activity.


We look forward to visiting your community soon!

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