And the results are in…

And the results are in...

Commissioner “Bobble-head Bicycle Bobnoxious” in the middle of Sunset Drive and 62 Ave., where he spent most of election day, waving and showing support for his slate of candidates.

In a surprise to no one, the “Stoddard Team won the Hot Tamale at last week’s city election The new posse is now comprised of Stoddard, who will serve as mayor for two more years, Wally Harris, who was elected Vice Mayor, and newcomer Gabriel Edmond in his second try, won a four year commission seat.

Not to be lost in the joy of victory of our esteemed politicians,it is clear that this election was filled with lots of bogus claims by one side against the other. Mere distortions of the facts, were just the beginning with some claims being pretty close to, how could I best say it, well… ah, ah… I’m not saying that there were lots of lies going around. But…. and BTW, each claim brought tears of joys to my eyes as we watched the piranhas eat each other. Folks, gotta tell ya,this stuff is way better than than anything you can find on HBO. So now on to the results of the election.

For mayor:
Stoddard 1,169
Newman 431
Williams 275

Commission Group 1
Edmond 1,059
Shelley 765

Commission Group 1V
Harris (incumbent) 1,096
Feliu 754

And the results are in...

There he is the second day in a row, same place, different sign and perhaps the same clothes.

Ok, folks, now that the election is over, maybe it’ll be calm for a while, but rest assured, the honeymoon will probably be over soon and the battles will begin once again. Any bets on how long it’ll be before the razor sharp teeth that are now hidden will chomp down on your favorite elected official.

Oh, yeah can’t wait to see how much money was really raised and spent in this election. I’ll just betcha that it will be the most ever spent on an election in the City of Pleasant Living.

After the smoke clears, look up there on the dais and you’ll see, that after all the big bucks, is that Phil, Bob, Walter and Josh are still taking up space and the big change is that Valerie is gone and Gabriel is there. Wow, Big change, huh? One old one gone and one new one. Big Deal. Let’s see if this “New” commission does better than the last one. BTW, it’s all up to the newcomer Mr. Gab, to make a difference and I hope he does.

We’ve heard so much about “special interests” supporting candidates, not that it’s a bad thing, but I can’t wait to see the final reports to see what if any “special interests” donated to the election campaigns for those that are serving the citizens of South Miami.

And the results are in...

There he is, Mr Wayne Brackin, making sure his motor
scooter is ready to go.

Was over at my favorite lunch time hangout, the Big Cheese and ran into a few buds and some of them were actually sitting together Starting off with Howard Schneider, the accountant, Wayne Brackin, who is still with Baptist Health, which by the is engaged to Bethesda Health in Palm Beach County. It seems as though the Bethesda has two hospitals, one of which is relatively new, some 2,000-plus employees, around 500 doctors. Wow, if this marriage is consummated and I wonder what it would be called. Could it be Bethesda at Baptist Health or something along that line? If someone knows would you please let me know, as I would love to share it with the other person that reads my column.

Ok, let’s see who else was at Big Cheese: I saw that personal trainer, Angelo Bosques once again, as well as Horace Feliu, Paul Marolf, Gary Rackaer and real estate guru, Levi Meyer. And no, they were not all sitting together.

And should you have the occasion to go to Big Cheese, ask for Ricky. He has been taking care of me for years and, by the way, he’ll even help you create your own custom meal. Before you know it he’ll have it right there in front of you.

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