‘Father-Daughter Dance’ branches into the community

Author Rose Hedgemond leads special exercise at Branches with summer camp kids.

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Following its recent release and a series of county-wide readings, “Father-Daughter Dance: A Night On The Red Carpet,” is making strides into the community. On July 18, local author Rose Hedgemond, Founder Avenues of Excellence, conducted a book reading at Branches of South Miami summer camp.

The book is an inspirational story about a young girl who learns how to cope with a difficult situation and experiences self-discovery.

Branches South Miami Program Manager, Laurie Kahn, was joined by several summer camp instructors in hosting the event for dozens of children currently participating in the summer camp program.

In addition to listening to the wonderful story, the children were treated to a quick yet helpful lesson in etiquette.

Avenues of Excellence, Inc. (AOE), is a Miami-based professional development company dedicated to equipping and developing the lives of adults and youth. Focused on creating educational trainings and workshops on social protocol, etiquette, international protocol and professional development. AOE clientele includes universities, community organizations, and Fortune 500 corporations.

A noteworthy aspect of this book is that one of South Miami’s very own long standing community businesses, First National Bank of South Miami, actually plays a part in this inspirational family story.

Hedgemond’s “Father Daughter Dance: A Night On The Red Carpet,” is available at various Miami-Dade Public Library (MDPLS) locations.

For information, contact Avenues of Excellence by calling 305-490-7485 or by visiting www.avenuesofexcellence.com/father-daughter-dance-book-series.


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  1. What an awesome book for our youngsters to read. The kids really enjoyed the story. Kudos to you Mrs. Hedgemond for your tireless efforts to instill positive life skills in our youth. Keep up the great work!

  2. Rose Hedgemond of Avenues of Excellence is doing a great job in our community. Great book!
    Helping our community to heal one book at a time.

  3. Father Daughter dance is such a refreshing and delightful book that every parent and caretaker should make sure to get into every young girl or young girl at heart’s hand. I gifted this beautiful piece of literary art work to a group of young ladies for a graduation gift and saw nothing but immediate smiles, awh and wonder as they began to ready through story.. definitely a 5 star reading and conversational experience!

  4. Mrs. Rose Hedgemond, Founder of Avenues of Excellence has brought to our young people the opportunity to not only dream big, but to enhance their self-esteem, social and educational growth potential. This book offers relative circumstances to our young readers and will surely have a positive impact on their outreach skills, research skills, and engagement skills – not only in school, but also in their homes, churches, community, etc. that will help to prepare them for future success. I truly applaud Mrs. Hedgemond for her dedication and concern for our youths.

  5. This Book is a true testament to the heart of Family relationship. It offers a peak into the minds and expressions of our youth. It shows parental engagement while allowing for youthful expression in and out of the home. Rose Hedgemond and Avenues of Excellence did a fantastic job with the story line, message and expectation of more to come from the “RED CARPET” Hanna and Family. This Book and Story line is a must have for libraries, Homes and institutions all over America and the World. Great Job Rose, I look forward to reading all upcoming series.

  6. As an educator and co-owner of Finally Learning Education Services, I truly appreciate that the author creates an experience for children, teens, and adults that extend far beyond the text. Readers are able to learn about the importance of family relationships, responsibility, communication and etiquette skills, as well as how to appreciate cultural differences, and small businesses.

    What a pleasure it was reading Father Daughter Dance “A Night on the Red Carpet” written by Mrs. Rose Hedgemond!

    In the book, readers are introduced to a little girl named Hannah who cherishes the relationship she has with her father. The story highlights the importance of having a positive role model within the home, and how this influences a child’s self-worth and confidence. The underlying theme, you will make time for what you value most, is shown in the little girl’s morning routine of greeting her dad with love and affection, setting the table to enjoy meals with her family, and ultimately, in the decision made by her father at the end of the story. A great read!

  7. I’m so happy that a book with this essence is out there for our new generation. This book has guidelines but most of all the love the author, Mrs. Rose Hedgemond, has for people and her perseverance to touch lives and to help them to be their best version. This book is a true and unique topic.


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