New South Miami Middle School Principal Juan Carlos Boué arrives

New Principal Juan Carlos Boué (left) with Miami Outreach volunteers
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It appears Juan Carlos Boué is a master at multi-tasking as evidenced by a recent visit to the new principal of South Miami Middle Community School during his third day on the job. In between unloading boxes, directing the Miami Outreach volunteers on school clean up, and just before tackling the final budget, he was able to catch his breath and sit down for a talk on what brought him to his latest assignment.

The University of Florida Graphic Arts Major and former assistant principal of Coral Park Senior High will welcome 1,015 bright and shiny sixth, seventh, and eighth graders Monday August 20; the first day of school.

“I always wanted to teach graphic arts,” said Boué. “While I was teaching at South Miami Senior High School, the principal at the time groomed me to become an administrator.” After completing the required additional coursework and passing his state certification exams along with receiving a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University, he was well on his way.

Carol City Senior High was his first assistant principal post upon serving eight years at South Miami Senior High; from 1994 to 2002. After three years at Carol City he was moved to Coral Park in 2006 before transitioning to his first principal position at SMMCS. “I am very proud to be here and excited to continue the legacy of other administrators that came before me,” said Boué. “This is a great school with a wonderful tradition and reputation for the arts.”

As a public magnet middle school SMMCS offers band, broadcasting, chorus, dance, drama, orchestra, photography, and visual arts programs for students. Boué hopes to expand the arts programs to incorporate more technology options for the creative kids to utilize. “It is a great feeling to be at a school that I know I can take to the next step. I hope to get us involved in more technology by focusing on getting more computers and using technology as a form of expression.

“As someone who majored in the arts I can understand what teachers expect from students. I’m in tune and feel very comfortable talking about the arts. This experience will help me get the right caliber of students into the programs.”

Boué believes students should be well rounded and sees fine arts as an ideal way for them to express themselves in addition to focusing on academics. “One is tied to the other and we need both. Astudent who is prepared academically will do better in the arts.”

Although SMMCS has enjoyed an “A” FCAT ranking for the past two years, the school is currently at a high “B” according to Boué. “With another 800 points we will be back to an “A” and I intend to help the school move forward to get there.

“We have very good teachers and have always done well with the FCAT. They are constantly on the data and doing everything possible to make sure the students do the work and make the gains they need to for continued success.”

A welcome breakfast before the initial faculty meeting is when Boué will meet his new team and share his vision and expectations. “I look forward to introducing myself and congratulating them on their continuing achievements.”

Former SMMCS Principal Evonne Alvarez will now be principal at New World School of the Arts downtown.

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