South Miami Building Department on the front lines continues to advise and assist


As South Miami City Hall has continued to slowly move closer to a business-as-usual status, all along, the Building Department remained on the front line advising, guiding, and assisting citizens here.

But truth be told, the hard-working staff inside this department never lost a beat, due to its long-standing status as one of the city’s busiest centerpoints of customer service.

Deemed an “essential function” as soon as South Miami declared a State of Emergency in mid-March, city administration quickly put in place essential safeguards to ensure responsible interaction with the public.

And though much of the business the public needs to do with the Building Department can be conducted online – including online payments – several services do require swift and direct interaction with staff.

In those instances, customers and employees have all been required to use personal protection equipment (PPE), and admittance to office facility was appropriately metered.

Department Mission

The overarching mission of the Building Department is to ensure that members of the public follow the State of Florida building code and in the process, the department collaborates with other City divisions in the enforcement of local codes.

Staff is charged with providing fair, consistent, and equitable interpretation of codes during the review of construction documents submitted for building permits and during field inspections conducted for compliance. The Department also certifies buildings upon completion.

Still, all along, the city strongly encouraged that business be done online to fullest the extent possible, to minimize contact between its staff and the public.

Online Visits

To access the full range of online services, visit the Building Department online at Here, multiple forms can be found, such as Building Permit applications, a Driveway agreement, a Special Inspector form, as well as Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing permits – just to name a few.

Similarly on the website, multiple Planning & Zoning resources are available including applications for Right of Way, Rezoning, Temporary Sign, Tree Removal, as well as a Special Use Application and a Variance Application, among many other online forms.


The Building Department is located at South Miami City Hall, Sylva Martin Building, 6130 Sunset Dr., South Miami, FL 33143. Contact staff by calling 305-663-6355 or via email at

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