The South Miami Police Department continues its commitment to the community

C.A.S.T. (Cops and Students Talking)

C.A.S.T. (Cops and Students Talking)

The South Miami Police Department has always been committed to the community policing philosophy. Chief Rene Landa has vowed to continue this practice, listening and addressing issues that may negatively impact the quality of life of all of its citizens. Chief Landa thought it was important to reach out to the youth in the community in an effort to build a stronger bond and understanding with them and the police. Unfortunately, too often the youth in this community and others only see the negative side of the police work such as when officers are making arrest, writing citations or responding to volatile situations where aggressive tactics are required to be used.

At the direction of Chief Landa, Captain Corbin along with other members of the South Miami Police Department has spearheaded his latest initiative C.A.S.T. (Cops and Students Talking). This program is designed to give youth in the community a better understanding of the police departments overall function and show kids what happens and why it happens as well as giving them an insight to our different specialized units. The pilot program was started today at the South Miami Community Center summer camp program, targeting the 10-12 yr. old age group. The program sessions are from July 9th, 2015, with the final session being held on the week of August 17th, 2015. Sessions will be held once per week for a total of seven weeks. Each session is scheduled to last for Capture2approximately one hour.

Each week the South Miami Police Department will have members of the different units give presentations to the students. The sessions will begin with a Q& A, followed by an overview of the respective unit for that day, the purpose and need of the unit and some will include demonstrations as well as hands on activities.

For further information please contact Sergeant Henry Guzman (PIO), at 305-663-6301.

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1 Comment on "The South Miami Police Department continues its commitment to the community"

  1. Our city, South Miami has the best interaction between Police and the general public, the officers are the most cordial and friendly I’ve ever met in 60-years of living in our beautiful city. I commend the effort and look forward to a brighter and better South Miami, many thanks to to Chief Landa, Captain Corbin and especially Sergeant Henry Guzman.
    Great job Henry, very proud of you!!!

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