Miami-Dade Commission approves historic agreement with FPL for resilience projects

The Miami-Dade County Commission on Apr. 10 approved a historic agreement with Florida Power and Light (FPL) to partner for the development of projects to make Miami-Dade a more resilient community.

The agreement, which has received widespread support from a host of local environmental, business and civic organizations, was discussed in February at the Chairman’s Policy Council meeting where public input was taken. In addition, FPL conducted a community meeting in South Dade and received input from local residents closest to the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant.

The joint-participation agreement (JPA) includes plans to install enough solar panels to meet Miami-Dade County government’s daily energy consumption, as well as electric vehicle charging stations at county facilities, and implementation of a battery storage system for Metrorail.

In addition, the JPA provides an opportunity to partner with FPL to address water issues.

The agreement outlines that FPL will develop a design and cost estimate for an Advanced Reclaimed Water Plant that would help improve the conditions at Turkey Point and supplant the current use of aquifer water at the site. This partnership also would help the county meet its current regulatory requirement from the State of Florida to end its ocean outfall practice. The JPA would ensure that the costs of the reclaimed water facility would be shared by both FPL and the county, providing savings to Water and Sewer customers.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Miami-Dade County to partner with our business community to collaborate and address critical issues such as our community’s resilience,” commission chair Esteban Bovo said. “The agreement received support from local community leaders and has the potential to make Miami-Dade a leader in environmental sustainability.

“I commend Mayor Gimenez and his staff for working with FPL and the County Commission to bring this issue forward,” Bovo added.

“This agreement gives the county an opportunity to strengthen its resilience in innovative and sustainable ways,” Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez said. “I thank the Board of County Commissioners for approving it and helping us plan for a better future for all.”

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