Send in the Clowns… Don’t bother, they’re here


Sallie Fillups is the new mayor of South Miami. And she loves it when we misspell her name. She got into office as a result of a herculean effort put forth by our now former mayor, the ever-so happy-efforts of “Bicycle” Bob Welsh, who is now vice mayor.

Like a breezy, fun-loving clown at the circus, Bicycle Bob sat upon a high chair in the median strip of Sunset Drive at SW 62 Ave., pretty much most of Election Day. Sporting a super-wide landscaping hat and a glove on one hand (a la Michael Jackson?), he spent the day holding large sign on a pole endorsing his two favorites candidates, Fillips and Commissioner Josh Liebman.

It was quite a sight to see as oh-so happy Bob waved that pole back and forth, at anyone and everybody that drove through that very busy intersection on that very special day, that we call Election Day.

Back to the circus: So there’s Wally, the commissioner, who wanted to get “his favorites” onto the dais. By his failing effort, he couldn’t even get Levy Kelly or Horace Feliu into office. And now he’s stuck with Fillups and his nemesis, Josh Liebman.

It really says something about Wally’s lack of influence, doesn’t it? His guys got tromped, beaten, annihilated, out-played, out-scored, and easily outsmarted – and in no uncertain terms, got his rear end beaten like a 25-year-old drum.

So what does this mean for Wally? Well, at minimum, he’s part of the circus and does provide comic relief just about every time he utters something at a commission meeting.

When you’re really bored, and perhaps a tad intoxicated, tune to the city’s live coverage of a commission meeting and take a gander, listen carefully and watch the circus in action.

Next up in the circus parade: Let’s keep an eye on all those Commissioner-Josh detractors.

Just elected for the third time, he’s been able to champion a bunch of pretty neat stuff. But all good stuff aside, a couple of his haters tried to make an issue out of a non-issue, claiming he missed a bunch of regular commission meetings.

But they were wrong, his attendance at regular commission meetings, according to the city clerk was 99.5 percent – folks, that’s 192 meetings out of 193.

We suspect though, now that Josh has been reelected to serve his final four-year term that he may in fact be AWOL real soon – so in honor of his detractors, we’re gonna go with his new name, “Where’s Josh.”

Next in line is Commissioner Lou Gil, but were just not sure what to do with him yet. Seems though he’s pretty thoughtful and deliberate. So, right now, he gets a pass. But rest assured, we’ll be waiting, and when and if he has a major screw-up, we will happily share it with you.

And of course, since the supposed ringmaster of this circus is now Mayor Sallie “The Phil” Philips, we wish her lots of good luck in picking up the mess that she has already created.

This is going to be lots of fun.

Hey, by the way, would someone tell Vice Mayor Bicycle Bob that he might want to brush up on Roberts Rules of Order …

And please pick out a different hat!

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  1. It’s nice that you can put a whimsical twist on very sad situation. Some of us can’t do so. We’re just happy that she doesn’t have the launch code for an nuclear weapons.


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