Abundant Love Project: Changing and Saving Lives With a Healing Ceramics Activity



Local residents are invited to participate in a relaxing, healing ceramics class inspired by a mother who turned personal loss into abundant love.

Deb DeLisi, soon after losing a daughter to suicide in 2014, started the Abundant Love Project in California by leaving colorful, hand-painted stones in public places with the intention of bringing smiles to those who find them. Each stone is inscribed with the message “you are loved.”

Local ceramic artist Susan Diaz will teach the class on June 24 at 10:30 a.m. at Three Palms at East Ridge in Cutler Bay. The event is hosted by AvMed as part of its monthly AvMed CONNECT series, which gives the community a chance to explore new topics and share like interests with others. It is free and open to all ages.

“All you need to bring is your creativity and an open heart,” said Diaz, a Cutler Bay resident who, having also lost her daughter to suicide, found a kinship with DeLisi. “We’re hoping to spread a little kindness in the universe. We believe that each rock is made for the person who finds it. What if my daughter had found one? Could it have changed her perspective on the day she took her life?”

This will be Diaz’s second Abundant Love Project workshop in Miami. She conducted one last year for about 20 members of the Ceramic League of Miami, where participants hid the “love stones” they created all around town – in parks, on trails, on benches and along sidewalks. Participants will be forming the stones from clay and decorating with underglazes. The stones will be fired twice – first a bisque fire to prepare for glaze, then a glaze fire with clear glaze.
To register for the event, please visit AvMed.org/AvMed-Connect.

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