City of South Miami 2018 Candidates Forum Recap



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On the evening of Wednesday, January 3, 2018, the City of South Miami hosted an open forum for the February 13, 2018 election at Historic St. John A.M.E. Church South Miami.

Candidates had the opportunity to voice their beliefs and respective plans if elected. Important and prevalent topics were discussed, including: affordable housing, zoning deals, potential development of the project at Sunset Place, ever-increasing traffic and much more. The five fifths vote was also a key point in the forum. In short, if the 5 commissioners are not in agreement, the entire order or potential passing of an ordinance is stopped!

Bishop Jones, the host of the event, brought some cold hard facts to attention during the forum, such as: what would the potential candidate do with the fiscal budget, how will you keep minutes down during commission meetings, the current investigation the city is under from the United States Department of Justice, and how split the community and the commission are between the Shops at Sunset place.

On one side, some folks want to keep the quaintness of South Miami how it is. On the other side, folks are stressing how developing the Shops at Sunset will increase revenue for the CRA from development, brings jobs to the city, and mentioned the threat of downtown South Miami becoming a potential graveyard if something is not done!

For anything to be done in the City of South Miami, unity within the community and commission is key. Both sides must move forward hand-in-hand to work together and actually get something done in South Miami. Only time will tell, as well as the voters… so be sure to do your research and cast your vote!

The next installment of the candidate forum a historic Saint John’s church (6461 SW 59th Pl, South Miami, FL 33143) will be taking place on January 22 at 7 PM be there; aloha!


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