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Lack of time, lack of motivation and lack of results – these are the reasons why most people don’t begin or stick with an exercise program. The goal of the caring personal trainers at Gables Fitness is to customize a fitness and health plan that works within your schedule and budget and motivates you to achieve your desired results.

“With the right program, your health goals can be met in three 30 to 45-minute sessions each week,” said Glenn Greer, coowner of Gables Fitness. “Our workout techniques and training tools are incredibly time-efficient, giving you muscle tone, aerobic fitness and flexibility in a short workout. The goal-focused coaching of the trainer ensures the proper intensity level and progression to achieve the desired results, which are difficult to accomplish on your own or at a commercial fitness center.”

Gables Fitness offers one-on-one personal training sessions for men and women, boot camps for women at four locations throughout Miami, and physical therapy for those recovering from an injury. Nutritional education, an essential component to any weight loss program, also is taught to clients through seminars or one-on-one sessions.

“We’re one of the few studios around that offers nutritional guidance, exercise training and physical therapy all under one roof,” said Greer.

Greer and co-owner, Luis Behar, started Gables Fitness seven years ago. Both have over 13 years experience in the fitness industry and have helped thousands of people to achieve their fitness goals. Greer, Behar and the four other trainers at Gables Fitness are all certified and keep their skills sharp with continuing education courses and seminars.

One-on-one personal training sessions are held at the 3,000 square foot Gables Fitness facility, located on Valencia Avenue in Coral Gables. The facility has nine cardio machines, every piece of fitness equipment imaginable and according to Greer, “no intimidation factor and boundless motivation.”

One-on-one personal training sessions will include resistance training, progressive cardio routines and nutritional education. “In weight loss, if one of these elements is missing, the results will be limited,” said Greer.

Clients may sign-up for the 30-day oneon- one personal training program, allowing them the opportunity to “test-drive” their commitment, or the 90-day transformation program. Personal training sessions can be so many different things, and that’s what makes them so personal.

“Many of our clients haven’t exercised in years and don’t know where to start. We can help you set goals, motivate without intimidation and yet hold you accountable, and provide training in body position, motion path, movement rhythm and breathing pattern so you will see performance increases and changes in your body.”

Greer stresses that progression and program updates are essential to achieve results in a fitness program. “Same resistance + same reps + same routine = No Results.”

Gables Fitness offers Boot Camp for women at four different locations throughout Miami, including Fred B. Harnett Ponce Circle Park in Coral Gables; Pinecrest Gardens in Pinecrest; Village Green Park in Key Biscayne and The Dance Gallery at 4840 SW 72 Avenue in Miami. Sessions are one hour long and are offered at various times in the morning and evening at each location. Greer says that at a Gables Fitness Boot Camp, there is no intimidation and he and the other trainers are empathetic, patient and caring. To find a Boot Camp time that fits your schedule, visit . “Women are doing exercises that they’ve never done before or haven’t done in years,” said Greer. “These camps are for everyone at every level and no matter when you start, you can do this program. The trainers are motivating, the women are inspiring and the camaraderie is priceless. The motto here is to make you better than you were the first day or the first week.”

Gables Fitness also offers combined physical therapy and personal training sessions to clients recovering from injury.

Felipe Otero, owner and director of Miami Orthopedics Rehab and Fitness, can help clients return to full function while also educating them on the importance of health and wellness. Otero has over ten years experience helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

“The physical therapist and personal trainer combination provides clients with extra assurance that the exercise does not aggravate their injury, it helps in the healing process,” explained Greer.

Gables Fitness Personal Training Studio is located at 112 Valencia Avenue in Coral Gables. To commit to be fit, schedule your first one-on-one personal training session or sign up for a Boot Camp near you by calling 305-461-1090 or visiting

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