FNBSM serves the community with stability and originality

FNBSM serves the community with stability and originality
Pictured in front of the bank in its South Miami location are (l-r) president and director Drew Dammeier, executive vice president Veronica Flores and board chair BruceMacArthur.

Residing on the same familiar corner since 1952, First National Bank of South Miami (FNBSM) continues serving the community of South Miami with stability and originality.

Executive vice president Veronica Flores believes that this consistency makes the bank unique.

“We’ve had the same ownership and have been in the same corner [5750 Sunset Dr.] for 60 years. In terms of banking that’s quite unusual, especially in South Florida,” Flores said.

The bank’s consistent location and ownership parallels its desire to provide consistent service. Flores shares that FNBSM is not merely a “transactional bank.”

“We do not just want to do one transaction for you. We want to do your loans, your deposit accounts, your children’s loans, and your youth savings accounts,” Flores said.

FNBSM prides itself in sustaining generations of customers. Flores said that some of the bank’s clients have banked there since the 1950s. Additionally, although the bank is one of the first community banks of South Florida, it seeks to fight the reputation of being simply old-fashioned.

“We have had the reputation of just being your father’s and grandfather’s bank and of not knowing much about technology,” Flores said. “But we are the first community bank here to have a YouTube channel.”

Additionally, Flores shares that the bank has all “the bells and whistles” of high-tech service including mobile banking as well as an iPhone and Android app.

“One of the things that we are coming up with this summer is the ability to take a picture of your deposit with your phone and send it in,” Flores said. “We are also launching bank-to-bank transfers soon.”

Another unique aspect of FNBSM is the bank’s desire to encourage and support the personalities of its employees.

“We encourage and embrace for all of our officers to have their personalities show through their work. Most banks work in a more corporate environment, where you have to be very sterile and scripted,” Flores said. “Here, we give our officers a lot more autonomy. If you go into any of our officer’s work areas, you’ll see their interests shine through, whether that be pictures of horses or a collection of clocks.”

In addition to personable employees, FNBSM has an involved history of commitment to the South Miami community.

“We were the first bank to have a registered art gallery within the bank. We don’t charge any fees,” Flores said. “The first Friday of every month we feature different local artists, giving them an opportunity to show their work in a beautiful setting.”

FNBSM is so devoted to the community that last year the bank gave as much in donations and sponsorships as they made in net profit for the bank.

“We gave about $125,000 last year, whether it be to local businesses, Fellowship House, South Miami Hospital or the University of Miami,” Flores said. “No one else does it, but it’s the right thing to do.”

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