Former local YMCA director earns national recognition

Aquatic Center located at the Downtown Branch in Janesville, WI.

By Yelany Rodriguez….

Aquatic Center located at the Downtown Branch in Janesville, WI.

Tom Den Boer, former director of the South Dade YMCA, has won the 2010 YMCA-USA “Excellence in Facilities” Award as CEO of the YMCA’s Northern Rock County facilities in Janesville, WI.

Presented in Salt Lake City, UT, during the 2010 national YMCA General Assembly in July, the award resulted from “a number of dedicated volunteers who studied and reviewed a number of facility options in order to build a state-of-the-art facility for our community,” Den Boer said.

Den Boer was born and raised in Sheboygan, WI, so his resignation from the South Dade YMCA and return to Wisconsin in 2005 came as no surprise.

“I had an extraordinary experience in Miami, combined with the tremendous experience of working with a number of significant groups of people and organizations dedicated to community development,” Den Boer said.

He was selected for the Wisconsin post from a national list of more than 40 applicants. His dedication to the mission of YMCA is what set him apart from others.

The Wisconsin YMCA was chosen to receive the 2010 award for a Comprehensive Aquatic Center located at the Downtown Branch in Janesville. The Aquatics Center accommodates individuals, seniors and families with young children by offering four distinct programs: the “Wading Area,” a fun and safe environment to develop children’s water safety knowledge; the “Current Channel” for fitness and recreational activities; an “Exercise Area” for swimming lessons, water sports and water fitness, and a “Lap Pool” with private access for uninterrupted lap swimming.

“The aquatic center has exceeded our expectations in terms of membership and program development,” Den Boer said.

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