Gallery brings art to the community

Colorful and creative artwork from the group DFYIT was on display at Wirtz Gallery during July.

By Sonia Dhairyawan

Colorful and creative artwork from the group DFYIT was on display at Wirtz Gallery during July.

The Wirtz Gallery at First National Bank of South Miami will feature the artwork of the Miami Senior Adult Education Center from Fairlawn Elementary School in Miami during the month of August. The reception to introduce the display was held Friday, August 6.

“We’ve recently featured displays from five different community groups, including three displays from public schools,” said Veronica Birch Flores, executive vice president of FNBSM. “It’s just another way that we partner with these various groups to bring more awareness to their causes.”

In May, the Wirtz Gallery featured works from the Young Men’s Academy from Miami Douglas McArthur Senior High, an academy for at-risk young men. In July, the gallery featured an exhibit by the student group, DFYIT, whose mission is to bring attention to the growing use alcohol by minors and the dangers of underage drinking. Students from Miami- Dade and Broward middle and senior high schools are asked to submit work as part of a contest held each year.

“The art from this group was very cool, hip and pop!” said Ms. Flores.

The Wirtz Gallery was founded in 1983 in memoriam to FNBSM family member, Arthur M. Wirtz, past Chairman of the Board. The Wirtz Gallery offers great opportunity for artists of all styles, both amateurs and professionals alike, to debut and share their work.

Each month, a new exhibit is featured for the public to enjoy. Illustrious names like Romero Britto, Guy Harvey and even Ron Magill have showcased their pieces in the Wirtz Gallery. Receptions for the displays are usually held the first Friday evening of each month.

The Wirtz Galley is located in First National Bank of South Miami at 5750 Sunset Drive and is open Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

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