Giving thanks


By Joaquin Trias….

Joaquin (Kiki) Trias enjoying a day at the fair

Hello, my name is Joaquin Trias. I have cerebral palsy due to the fact my mother passed away during labor 50 years ago. I was without oxygen for eight minutes. It affected my motor skills and speech. Thank God for my dear grandmother who devoted her life to me. She motivated me to exercise since I was seven years old and it has helped me walk. I went to public schools and graduated with honors. I then went to Miami Dade College and received my Associate of Science degree in Business.

Since 1986 I have been working at my family business doing accounting. I have an active life like anybody. I am a member of my church for many years, I was baptized in 1974 by Pastor Hector Garcia. I have been bowling in a disabled league for 31 years. I learned how to drive in high school and now I feel independent going everywhere. I thank God for giving me my family, friends, and this community in Miami that has loved me and supported me and made my life worth living. My grandmother and I traveled around the country. We went to New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, North Carolina and other places. We also went on many cruises. She took me to the finest restaurants and would fight with anyone who stared at me. She always said that I was just like anybody else. For God, I am not disabled. With that in mind, now that my grandmother is gone, I still go everywhere and do not care what people think. I go out with friends, we dine out, go to the movies, parks, malls, Fairchild Gardens, concerts and plays. I like the beach, my grandmother and I went every summer. She said it would help me to walk better and she was right. Grandmothers know what they are saying. I like the outdoors, to just sit and watch the ocean maybe that is why I enjoy going on cruises. I am an animal lover, I have had pets all my life. It makes me happy to help others. I would rather give then to receive. I am always smiling because the Lord is with me.

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  1. Love your life story. I remember your grandma well, especially the trips to Orlando with FBLA! Your grandma is still looking after you from heaven, so you better behave!

    Love you,

  2. Thank you Joaquin for sharing your story! At a time when so many of us are beset with unforeseen challenges it is encouraging to read such a powerful story of resilience and joy despite life's hurdles.


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