Mayoral Candidates – Rodney Williams

Mayoral Candidates - Rodney Williams

Mayoral Candidates - Rodney WilliamsRodney Williams has lived in South Miami for 38 years. He attended and graduated from South M i a m i Elementary through South Miami High. He was certified as a barber/ stylist by Stewart Smith School of Beauty and is currently a barber/owner of the Rodney’s Unisex of Class, where he has been practicing for the past 2 years.
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Number of years living in South Miami?
I’ve lived in South Miami for 38 years.

What is your educational background?
I attended and graduated from South Miami Elementary through South Miami High. Received my certificate as a barber/stylist from Stewart Smith School of Beauty when.

What is your present job? And for how long?
I’m currently a barber/owner of the Rodney’s unisex of class where I’ve been practicing the last 2 years.

Have you ever served/or now serve on a City Board or Committee? Which one(s)? and when? Also, please note any other civic and community involvement.

What interests you about running for office?
I became compelled to run after witnessing the on going dysfunction, lack of leadership structure and accountability. While volunteering I witness the reoccurring theme of firing city Mangers, Police Chiefs, and Directors with no regard for the city’s economical state or stability.

What are the top three things you will focus on if elected that would help improve the lives of South Miami residents?
(1) Making city hall more efficient.
(2) Creating safe streets.
(3) Promoting education and job creation
through our parks
South Miami has a responsibly to not just talk about efficiency but to follow through. Safe streets should include community policing, real and productive traffic calming and everything in between to protect our families. Our park services require resources that focus on educating and preparing our children for jobs. South Miami things we would truly be a city of pleasant living.

How do you believe the city can help local business and job development in our retail/restaurant district, TODD and our commercial zones?
Utilizing the resources of our CRA and local work force is our best start for job creation. JOB CREATION should be the center of every conversation when there’s a “meeting of the minds” ie. local business’s and community leaders. Our TODD and commercial zone issues should be part of an overall strategic plan that includes bringing area business owners and our professional city staff to the table to identify what has worked and what are impediments.

What would you do to help improve the City’s image, promote South Miami and promote civic and community events that will benefit residents?
I want to make South Miami, once again, the All American City. To achieve this goal, we must coordinate our parks programming/ services, businesses, policing, good government and community involvement. I accept the challenge of once again our city living as the city of pleasant living.

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